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b__terfly_kisses - March 23

Oh, I forgot to mention that at my appointment yesterday we tried to listen to the heartbeat but weren't able to hear it. My doc says that's totally normal as I'm only 8 weeks and a few days along so it's' still a little early. I was disappointed to learn that I won't be having another ultrasound until I am between 19-20 weeks. I had 5 ultrasounds with my first baby!! I guess things are different in California, as I now live in Idaho and they acted like I was crazy for having 5 ultrasounds with an uncomplicated pregnancy!


aisha1077 - March 23

Hi b___terfly im having a planned c section wiyh this baby after an emergancy c section 2 years ago due to a cord prolaps and also cause this is my 6th baby and there is a risk of a bad bleed during and after labor. Thats a long time to wait for ur next scan. Do they not do the nucla scan in ur part of the world i have mine booked up for the 1st of april. Ov also had cravings for fruit and any type of fruit squash or smoothys. Xx


Megnkris25 - March 25

Hey ladies, question.... Anyone have bleeding when they have intercourse? Had it happen to me and it's freaking me out a bit....


aisha1077 - March 26

Hi megnkris always best to see the doctor with any bleeding but just to let u know its commen a lot of women get bleeding after s_x and most of the time its from the cervix. Try not to worry to much and get checked out xx


shleesme - March 26

megankris, it happened to me around 6 weeks pregnant. the doctor told me its very common as there is a lot of blood going to your cervix almost engorging it. I was told to not have s_x for a little while until the bleeding stopped. I still would get everything checked out to make sure that tings are fine.


sbea - April 5

Megankris- I would go get it checked. It could be simple like the cervix or it could be placenta previa. Sorry I have been MIA. I am just so tired. I am 12 and a half weeks and will be entering 2nd trimester soon, but I feel so much like I belong in first trimester. I still gag and feel nauseous. Though I am starting to get headaches. YAY. pregnancy is so much fun right? Here in Canada you usually get one scan at 18-20 weeks. Some places so a NLT scan at 11 weeks and if you have had issues or there is something they need to check you can have one before 14 weeks. But usually it is only one scan. Though I would be okay with more. I love looking at our picture of our pumpkin from 8 weeks. I have such a long time until May 20th for our 18 weeks scan. Well May 20th is our 5th wedding anniversary. So that will be nice.


shleesme - April 5

Hey everyone, thought I would do my update post since I haven't in quite some time. I was 13 weeks yesterday yay! This is my first baby and I haven't really noticed much of a bump yet, when I lay down although my pelvic area is firmer there is no hard bump yet, is that normal for 13 weeks? Also sbea I too am going for my 20 week ultrasound on May 20th and the funny thing is, it's my husband and my 5th anniversary as well, very cool hey? So in our province where I live it's free to find out the s_x so we will be doing that for sure. I have a feeling its a boy. As for my symptoms, I feel faint quite a bit (my blood pressure is low) I still have nausea and some vomiting still,very headachy and tired, and also I have started getting hot flashes which is so strange because I didn't know you could get them in pregnancy let alone this early in the game. So does anyone else have an inkling on what the s_x of their baby is?


b__terfly_kisses - April 5

My husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary May 12th! Strange! I'm only at 10 weeks (I feel so far behind you guys) and I'm still feeling pretty icky as well. Looking forward to the second trimester!


meme1212 - April 5

Hello guys, I have not been on here in a while. I guess I will update. I am 11 weeks and 2 days today. My next doctor's visit is this Thursday. I do not think I am going to have another u/s. My nausea and vomiting is still going strong, however this has been a better week for me with the vomiting and nausea. B___terfly kisses don't feel far behind we are close together. I am only 11 weeks!!!! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one still suffering from the nausea. My family thinks I am having a girl but right now I just want a healthy baby!!! Great to hear how each of you are doing. Talk to you again soon!!!


sbea - April 5

B___terflykisses- May 2006 must have been a good year! Even though I am almost 12 and a half weeks I have had a really rough day today. Still dealing with sickness, tiredness and now headaches. Blah!!! Shleesme- What province do you live in? I used to live in Alberta where it is free to find out, but now that I live in BC we have to pay $100! That is crazy! I would really like to find out but I just can't justify spending that kind of money. I don't know what we are having or even have a feeling. I think a girl most of the time though but I can't nail down the feeling of boy or girl accurately. I don't know if I feel like I am having a girl most days because I have one already. So I guess I have about six to wait.


meme1212 - April 6

Is anybody showing yet? I have a little baby bump but not really big. I am so excited about showing just a little. I was just wondering since it is kind of early. I have a small frame and I am tall. My bump is not real noticeable but its there. :-) just wondering if I am the only one.


aisha1077 - April 6

Im showing loadss soneone asked me how long i have to go today lol but it is baby number 6 for me do to be expected.


sbea - April 6

Not showing here. Though I am getting ready to enter the fat stage. I look fat for a long time when pregnant. But no stretch marks so I should be grateful right?


shleesme - April 6

I am barely showing, when I suck it in I see a defined little bump in my pelvic area. Although I was very overweight last year I had lost 70 pounds so I have a little extra skin in my mid section to begin with but my jeans are definitely tighter and when I sit I have a major muffin top, so I am going to get my first pair of maternity pants because I don't want to sit in yoga pants for the next 6 months. sbea- I live in Edmonton Alberta so I am really happy that it is free here, i was born and raised in bc and came out here a few years ago and a friend of mine paid a $150 to find out the s_x of her baby back in bc.


Megnkris25 - April 6

Well everyone is giving updates and I haven't been on in a while. I have my first apt tomorrow with my dr, I am very excited!!! As of now they are saying that I will be 14 weeks on Saturday . I hope when I go tomorrow he will order an ultrasound!!!! I had kind of weird periods so I'm not really sure I am already 14 weeks.... I would just feel so much better with an ultrasound!!! I still have been very sick, I actually threw up all night last night and have no appet_te ....this has been an on going thing now for a while. To top that off I am having a really hard time taking my vitimains I feel like that is what is making my stomach so upset!! As far as showing... This is my second baby and I do feel like I'm showing a bit but not as much as with my first one.... I feel like the baby is just staying low, my tailbone has been hurting soo bad, so badnthat some nights I can't walk and I never had this withbmy son.... Well I feel like I'm rambling on but hope all is well and good luck with everyone


Megnkris25 - April 7

So I had my Dr. Apt today and my feelings were right. Had my dr order an ultrasound and it showed the baby is 9 weeks and 4 days which moves my due date to Novemeber 6th. Kind of sucks to move back 4 weeks but would rather know now than much further down the road. During the ultrasound it showed some implantation bleeding. I'm not sure what that really means but they said to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to make sure it goes away, it should go away on it's own.... Has anyone else had this? They also asked if I was doing the first trimester screening....I missed it with my son, anyone else do and how did they feel? Hope is well with everyone!!



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