October Babies

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SuzieQ - January 27

Hi everyone, I am due October 1st, so I thought I would start a thread for October babies. I am currently 4w5d along and have my first ultrasound booked for Feb 13 (not a friday - phew!) I'd love to hear from others due around the same time to compare stories :)


michelleb - January 28

My due date is October 1st, too! I'm 5 wks. My first dr apt isn't until Feb 24th cause they were booked the week before, and they don't see you till you're 8 wks there. And they don't do ultrasounds till 20 wks unless something seems wrong. I know this because I had a lot of spotting with my 1st baby so they always wanted to check it out and monitor it. But I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl and she's a busy 15 month old now. What about you SuzieQ... do you have any other kids? Congrats on your pregnancy!


SuzieQ - January 28

Congratulations! I have had two m/c's, no children, so that's why we're going in early for an ultrasound. I'm not sure if I even really want to go. But maybe we'll see the heartbeat (I'll be at 7w1d) and I really want my dh2b to see it this time! I'm pretty nervous, but hopeful that things will go well this time. I've learned a lot from the last year, so that's the positive side. Have you had any symptoms yet?


Betul - January 28

Good Morning Ladies! Yeah! A thread for October babies!! I am due October 6th. I am 38 (almost 39) and was ttc#2 for one year. My first dr. appointment is on Feb 16th. Michelle, they didn't want to see me either until I was 8-10 weeks but I told them that considering my age and also I am traveling abroad for two weeks on the 27th of February that I thought it would be necessary to see me earlier. The receptionist agreed quickly..lol. DH and I also have a DS (3 years old). Have you ladies told a lot of people yet? Family, friends, etc...My DH wants to wait at least another week or two but I am busting at the seems...


1st timer - January 28

Good morning everyone! I'm due around the 1st of October too! I think i'm about 5w 3d. My dr won't see me until I'm at least 8 weeks and they were booked so I will be almost 10 weeks by the time I go! My appt is Feb. 27th and I'm so anxious and nervous to see the heartbeat I can hardly stand it. SuzieQ, I've had a few symtoms, sore bbs, pinching, pulling and just weird feelings in my stomach and a little more tired than normal. We have told our family and close friends but until I have my first appt, we are waiting to tell everyone. How bout everyone else?


michelleb - January 28

Congratulations everyone! Yeah, SuzieQ, that'll be fun to get an ultrasound! I'd have one every time I go in if they'd let me. : ) I've just been super tired. So tired! And this morning, kinda dizzy and also had some nausea until I ate something. And Betul, we're trying not to tell anyone until we're at least 8 wks or so because we've had mc before. I did tell my mom though. : ) It's hard to keep it a secret. I hope the next couple of weeks fly by!


mommylove - January 28

Michelleb, I just read gcmickens post where we both told her we thought she was pg and needed to test . Turns out we were right!!! I'm so excited for both of you. I hope to get my BFP this week and have an October baby too. Also congrats to the other ladies in here, Suzie and Betul, and Ist timer!!! Lots of honey your way to make those little ones stick!!!


michelleb - January 28

Thanks, mommylove. Yeah, let's pray they all stick. And I hope you get your bfp soon. I'm still waiting for my sister to get hers. We're hoping to be pregnant at the same time. She's 10 years younger than me so it shouldn't be as hard for her to get pregnant, but you never know.


gcmickens - January 28

Hi SuzieQ, Michelle, Betul, First Timer, and Mommy Love! Michelle and Mommy Love - you two were RIGHT ON DEMANDING THAT I TEST!!! How on earth could you tell that this was a BFP, out of the dozens on all of those threads! I am perplexed and impressed - are you girls psychic LOL???? Anyhoo to all of you: Congrats on your pregnancies, and may I please join your group "cause I got my BFP at 12:30 am Hawaii time, or 5:30 am EST - I actually woke up to pee and thought it was around six, so I tested and got the bfp! Then I couldn't call anyone that early in the morning so all I could do is go to see all my girlfriends on Signs of Pregnancy and announce the great news - ALl of us are soooooooooo blessed! My dye date is Oct.7.... a week after you guys. The one thing that makes me alittle nervous is the higher % of miscarriage in women over forty (I'm 42) - anyone else worried, and/or over forty also? Otherwise I just feel like the luckiest (with all of you of course :-) woman in the world, especially after researching my odds and seeing really dismall odds of conceiving for women over forty - sorta makes you wish for a miracle but when it happens you don't really grasp the reality of it for awhile - I am STILL pinching myself! Anyhoo, I'm rambling - sorry girls... - what are some of your symptoms, how are you feeling, where are you from, have you thought of names yet? I have a 2 year old named Ashiki Jivan, and if I have another boy my DH and I have agreed on Jacques, not sure about the middle name, and if it's a girl (which I pray it is), I haven't decided yet.... sorry rambling again!


michelleb - January 28

That's great, gc! My due date with my first was Oct 7th. She was born 3 days late on Oct. 10th, and now is 15 months old, and we are kinda hoping for #2 to be a boy or two boys (I've always wanted twins) but who knows. We'd be happy with another little girl, too, though. Jessica is our Dd name, and if it's a boy, he will be Jonah. Just good old cla__sic names for us: )


Hana - January 29

Hi Suszie, I'm due on Oct 3rd/2nd. I still haven't received an appointment from the midwife, i just went to the GP and he didn;t give me any advice, not even to begin vitamins (which i'm already taking!) . I'm getting weird eye sight problems...it feels like pressure on my eyeb___s will cause them to explode haha Went to the eye doc said everything was fine. I cant leave the house coz of tiredness. In another section i wrote about how i have an interview soon and I have no idea where get information about my rights. I heard that my job isn't protected when i come back, as I haven't been there for 26 weeks, is that true? I think i just experienced m/s but didn't vomit..though i thought i did. Do you know if our babies are babies yet or still a bunch of cells? lol take care!


SuzieQ - January 29

Wow! I didn't realize there were so many october due dates out there! Hanna - I think we've got more than a bunch of cells by now, if you google "week by week pregnancy" you'll get some good sites to see what's going on. It's still kind of hard to believe! Michelleb - Jessica and Jonah are really good names - I love the cla__sics as well. I haven't started thinking of names yet, we're still scared to count on anything yet. Gcmickens, congrats on your bfp - I recently met a woman who had her first son at age 41, after she had rounds of specialists and doctors tell her it was impossible for her to have children. AND she had a second at age 43!!! Anyways, I'm getting married this upcoming weekend (yay!) so I'm pretty stoked about that. My ultrasund isn't until feb 13, and I'm kind of nervous to go. I really hope my dh2b will get a chance to see a heartbeat! Oh, and I think ms is gearing up. I was ravenous for a few days and am now not hungry and very queasy... :P Take care!


Ashleyg - January 30

can i join you ladies? i just got my BFP so i think i am somewhere between 4 and 5 weeks...which would make me due sometime around Oct 11...i guess i will know better when i go to the doc!


gcmickens - January 30

Hi everone! Congrats SuzieQ on your upcoming wedding! How exciting, and ROMANTIC! And just in time for dh2b to be your husband for your 1st ultrasound! How do you figure the conception day, do you know? My dh and bd'ed the 8th, 11th and 12th of Jan., so just 4 days apart... I guess we'll never know for sure LOL! I just know the due date is around Oct. 7th... I am also ravenous, and already started getting m/s at any time, plus very fatigued - I slept 10 hours last night, and STILL woke up wanting more rest - fell dizzy sometimes too! Anyone else? Also, just to be sure I am at about 4 weeks, right since I have to count from the 1st day of my last AF, and that was Dec.31? Well, that should be a sufficient amount of questions for now ;-) ..... How's everyone else feeling?


nicky - January 30

i am due october 1st according to the online calendar. i hvae an appointment on wednesday for confirmation of my HPT. My first appointment w/ the OB is feb 16th.


michelleb - January 30

Congrats on your getting married, SuzieQ!! How fun: ) Where's the wedding? Honeymoon? That's awesome. And congrats to everyone else joining this thread with their new bfps. Here's to a summer of swollen ankles... Oh, and currently--MORNING SICKNESS!!! That sums it up for me. Anyone else? Sheesh. I do not remember it being this bad this early with my 1st. I'm trying to be grateful for my m/s as it means I'm pregnant... but 2 days in a row of mostly all day long like I have the flu or something... Anyone else?


SuzieQ - January 30

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm exhausted! I sleep, go to cla__s, come home, eat, sleep, make dinner, sleep, go to bed.... you get the idea! Kinda queasy all the time and have strated getting headaches. Yuck. Thanks for all the wedding happy thoughts - we're getting excited. We're staying at a spa resort for the weekend (both full time students) here on Vancouver Island - and it's a fabulous area! Anyways, I gotta go, best wishes!!!



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