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turtle - February 13

This was started by paullover.


TheCutestPregnantWoman - February 13

Hey ladies! I've been reading these boards from the second I found out I was preggie! When I had an u/s last week, my doc says I was somewhere between 4-6 weeks. (All we saw was a sac. . . So far). I go back in a few weeks for a second u/s to measure my baby and find out my due date. My husband and I are so excited! I am just praying that everything will go smoothly with my pregnancy (its our 1st!). I've just read so much since I've become preggie. I'm past most of the stressing. I know everyone says its ok if your symptoms fade. I just wish I had them. BRING ON THE MORNING SICKNESS AND SORE BOOBS! I want to FEEL pregnant!


DANI - February 13

hey turtle, how are you feeling today? when is your edd? i go to the dr's march 5th so i'm sure i will find out then. i'm having slight cramping and my nausea isn't that bad so far. how is everyone else doing?


tsnyder - February 14

I am so glad I am not the only one. I have no symptons at all. I am going to the doc today to check my hcg level. I pray that everything is fine. I just wish I had some symptons. My doc told me not worry some people don't have symptons. I hope they are right. This is my third, but I don't remember if I had symptons with them or not.


paullover - February 14

Happy Valentines Day...How is everybody feeling today? I actually feel really good, I have been getting plenty of sleep so I am sure that is part of it. It's kind of making me a little concerned though. My b___sts aren't that sore today...I do feel a little queasy, but not bad. I just want this first trimester to be over!!!!


myfirstbaby - February 14

Hi ladies, Happy Valentines Day! to all of you. I am due in Oct too. I haven't yet visited Dr. So, I don't know the exact date yet. Can anyone shade some light on how to get maximum benefits from the insurance...some general tips please. Thanks!


turtle - February 14

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies. Hi, Dani...feeling good today. My DH took the day off so I'm spending it indoors with him. We are getting hit hard but the storm here on the NE. I went for my last beta today and we are waiting for the results. If all is ok than I can make my US appoinment for next week. I think my due date is Oct. 18. I have also had some slight cramping, Dani. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one. Enjoy the rest of your day!


zerfowski05 - February 15

Anyone else extremely cranky?! Everyone and everything is driving me up the wall! I'm bloated and exhausted and want to be left alone for the next 4 and 1/2 weeks!! Ugh! Lol!! How you doing Jen?


paullover - February 15

Hi Melinda...I'm with you on the cranky mood...I'm sooo irritable...but I have to keep my composure with my 2 1/2 year old(and that's not easy when he's being a little stinker)...other than that just tired and a little ms here and there...how are you feeling?


lscherer - February 15

hi everyone..I am due around October 10th. I am 6 weeks pregnant, and had my second u/s yesterday. ( I miscarried on '05 so that is why i've been having early u/s) Yesterday, the gestational sac was much bigger and I saw the yolk sac!! yeah... I have to go back next wednesday for another u/s to see if the fetal pole or heartbeat are there.. The doctor said that it could take up to 8 weeks to see and hear that though.. Even though the doctor says everything is growing really well, i am still nervous that i won't see the fetal pole..... Is anyone else going through something like this? ~ Lauren


dukeblue1212 - February 15

I'm due October 15th. I can't wait to be a mom! I just pray that everything goes smoothly and I have a healthy baby. Congratulations to all of you!


DANI - February 15

turtle, sounds like you & dh had a relaxing v-day. mine was pretty uneventful. worked, came home , made a quick dinner and chased my 13 mo. old around. i think we're going out to dinner this weekend to make up for it. i feel like i have no symptoms all the sudden, except for occasional cramps. bbs don't hurt, nauseau has subsided and i'm not overly fatigued. i'm sure it will kick in later. are you craving anything yet?


Prego#4 - February 16

I am not sure of my exact due date yet I am thinking around October 17th. I had an u/s and the doc said I was only 6 weeks and 1 day which was last Wednesday. No heart beat yet but I did see the little sac. I am having another u/s done in two more weeks and at that point I should see the heart beat! I can not wait


lscherer - February 16

PREGGO#4~ I am going through the same thing right now.. I went on Wednesday, and they said i am 6 weeks. couldn't see the fetal pole or heartbeat yet, but the doctor said that everything looked really good, and i was growing right on schedule. I have to go back next Wed... I am hoping that I see the fetal pole or hear the heartbeat.. All of this waiting is making me a little nervous!


littleangel - February 16

hi ladies, hope you don't mind me jumping in, i have just found out Monday i am 5wks pg, i lost my dd at 22wks Jan 06 so this is my second, i am due on the 17th Oct, i have been referred to the hospital and i am waiting my u/s appointment and i have a midwife appointment on the 8th march for a check up and bloods, due to me have a blood clotting disorder i might have to take meds with this pregnancy.. good luck to you all. jo ~:0


myfirstbaby - February 16

Hi, I am 5 wks pg. I have my Dr's appt next week. But I have a silly question about hair removing cream/lotion. I was using Nair Brand hair removing lotion for underlegs and underarms. Can I use it now? pls let me know. Thanks!


Punkin - February 16

I hope ya'll don't mind me jumping in, I am due Oct. 22, so 4 weeks 3 days for me. I am so excitedm but can't get over being so nervous! I think it's because I don't feel preggers yet :( I agrre with cute preg. woman, let me FEEL pregnant!!!!



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