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MaryM - March 14

I was feeling terrible the last week until I changed my prenatal vitamin. Now I feel great, but I have a lot of anxiety about my first sonogram tommorrow. I just want everything to be ok and I am so afraid it's not. I have always heard that when you are pregnant you just feel it, and I don't feel anything. You would think, I would be happy, but instead I feel it's not normal. I wish I didn't feel this way.


heather28 - March 15

Other than your symptoms i.e nausea, sore bbs, fatigue, etc. Do you "feel" pregnant? I'm 11weeks and I'm just not "feeling" it yet.


DANI - March 15

Ugh! This is killing me, I can't figure out what I want to eat. Nothing sounds good. I'm almost 9 weeks. Is anyone else going through this too??


crrodgers - March 15

Dani, that is sooooo funny! For the last few days I have been feeling the same way! I think I might have lost like 5-6 lbs in the last few days! Nothing sounds good and when it does I can't eat a lot of it! I am not throwing up, it's just that food is NOT appetizing right now! It takes me like 2 hours to decide on what to have for lunch!


OneMoreTime - March 16

MaryM, I have felt the same way. I had an ultrasound done on Wednesday, and everything looked good. The hb was 158. I have had this terrible feeling like something is wrong with the baby. I already have 2 girls and never felt like that with them. To the others, I also could not eat, but did not puke a lot. I have lost about 8lbs, but have a definite baby pooch. This is my 3rd child in a little over 4 years. I am hoping for a boy this time. I hope that is why I have been so sick and depressed. Good luck to you all!


cia - March 16

hey ladies, im due oct 8th.....so excited!! unfortunately i dont get a scan untill 18 to 20 weeks.seems very long away.considering going private or something just for a scan,any views?? its my 1st baby too.


Kimee000 - March 16

I am due Oct. 16th! I go for my u/s on the 27th can't wait! This is my first baby. As far as nausea it only happens at night for me, nothing sounds good, everything just makes me sick to stomach. Pizza is my favorite! I haven't thrown up yet.


ESol - March 16

Another Halloween Baby here!!! It's my first!! M/S is HORRIBLE! I had to go to dr. and ask for something! I cried while in the waiting room, exam room, on the way to the pharmacy because I feel HORRIBLE! Well, she gave me Zofran. Thank G_d for modern miracles!


crrodgers - March 17

Hey OneMoreTime, I think we are in almost the same boat. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old, both girls. This is my third (if all goes well) and of course my husband is hoping for his boy!


Shannie - March 18

2 weeks ago, I went to the ER for like a one time spotting deal. It was barely noticeable on the toilet paper only once and it was brownish. Well, they scanned me and said there was a gest. sac and fetus but no heartbeat and the fetus measured 6wks. Starting the beginning of this week, my nausea, sore b___bs and gas ALL came back! Oh, and now I have this weird thing where I get extremely hungry but nothing sounds good, then I get nauseous if I think about anything thats not bad for me, i.e. McDonalds, pizza, soda, chips and Dip...its so weird. If my baby isn't showing a heartbeat and they tell me the pregnancy has failed, why are my symptoms coming back???? Sorry to rain on a nice forum topic and everything. I have an appointment to see an OB for the first time next week, but I can't help thinking that maybe im still pregnant. Crossing fingers!! Oh, and congrats to EVERYONE on your pregnancies!! =D


Shannie - March 18

Sorry, I meant that I get nauseous if I think about anything EXCEPT that junk food I listed.


afireinsideamanda - March 18

preggoplease , we have the same due date!!! im exited!


ahay - March 18

Shannie-most of the time they cant see the HB until 7 weeks on. Don't give up hope!!! They didnt see mine til 7 weeks 3 days. Hold your head up. Did they take your b lood for your HCG levels?


OneMoreTime - March 19

Hey ccrodgers!! I hope everything works out for you this time and you get your boy. I am so praying for a boy. This is almost definitely my last baby. The last 2 weeks, my girls have been little terrors. I pray for patience. My hubby wants another girl. He says boys are worse than girls. Good Luck Again!! Keep posting on how you are doing? Have you felt your little one yet? Anyone? I feel pressure in my uterus, and slight flutters only at night.


MaryM - March 19

heather28- I wouldn't worry, I don't feel prego at all! I don't even have symptoms really, except aversions to certain foods and big knockers! LOL I had my first sonogram last Thursday and everything looked good HB was 176..I don't know what is normal, but the dr. said it was good. I feel much better. Oh ...and I am only 8 weeks, not 10 according to the sonogram...who knew? Thanks for the support! It really helps!


ahay - March 19

So mary when are u due?



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