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CassieSong - February 8

Hi fellow moms! I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I'm guessing about about 4 weeks along- which is early, I know... but you gotta start somewhere! :-) This will be our second child. Our dd is 4 years old. I kinda knew I might be pregnant a few days ago when I had some major mood swings and mild cramping. What are you symptoms? I'd love to hear from you!


Ca__sieSong - February 9

No October Moms yet? I will patiently wait. :-) I was on this forum with my dd almost 5 years ago while I was pregnant with her. I look forward to meeting October Moms this time around as well... it's been a while since my dd was an infant, or since I was pregnant, for that matter and I'd love to hear how others are doing who are at the same point that I am.


cozylife - February 9

I'm a new October Mom! Found out yesterday!


Ca__sieSong - February 10

Hi cozylife! Having any symptoms yet? Do you know how many weeks you are?


cozylife - February 11

Ca__siesong- I posted last night, but It's not here anymore! Weird!


Ca__sieSong - February 14

Hi Cozy! How's it going? How are you feeling? Sorry about your lost post. I don't know... weird things can happen out there in cyberspace. I don't have the crampy feeling as often as last week. That's good! I still get it from time to time, but I remember from my first go around, that this was the same then too. Cramps in the beginning, that tapered off after a week or two. I don't have any other symptoms... same as last time. You'd never know I was preggo!!


melissaxoxo - February 15

Hi Cozylife & Ca__sieSong! Congrats to you! I found out this past Saturday that I'm pregnant! I calculated the time frame and from what I understand, I'd be due sometime mid October. This would be my first! ")


amygeyman - February 16

Hi! I am 4 wks. along. We have an almost 8 yr. old daughter. I have been extremely moody!! I miscarried the week of Thanksgiving so I am very nervous. I was supposed to go see the doctor on Mon., but we had alot of snow here so it was posponed to Thurs. the doctor wants us to talk about a plan for this pregnancy. I look forward to talking to everyone on here. The computer says I am due Oct. 23, but we will see what the Doc. says. When are you due?


melissaxoxo - February 16

Hi Amy - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, but I'm glad to hear you were able to conceive again :o) I'm due about a week before you! The doc gave me a potential date which is Oct 14. I'm very nervous, but excited! Good luck ladies!! :)


Ca__sieSong - February 16

Hi Melissa and Amy! Congrats to both of you! Amy, I'm so sorry for your loss as well. I can understand your nervousness (even I'm nervous). It's exciting though that you are expecting again and I'm real happy for you. Melissa- so this is your first? How are you feeling? I remember when I got my "pregnant" test with my first, I felt like I had won the lottery. This time around it was completely different since we had been through it once before, but still very, very exciting. We are very excited to add on to our family. We waited this long (our dd is 4) before trying again because when our dd was 1, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma- a cancer. When I got into remission after chemo (thank the Lord!!) they told me to wait 2 years before trying to conveive again, as the first two years have the highest probability of a recurrence. Well, it's been close to 3 years now and it feels so great to be moving on. According to all the pregnancy calculators online, I am due October 19th. We'll see what the doc says when I go in for the first time on March 3rd.


blessedbythree - February 16

Tested 18dpo and got BFP! Now expecting # 3 late Oct. How is everyone feeling? I feel like I have no symptoms other than the occasional cramping/twinges or occasional seasick feeling.


Fang - February 16

Hi everyone. I am due on 7 Oct and have just had my first scan. Saw a heartbeat - it was very exciting! This will be my first. I am 36 so am a bit nervous. Had been trying for 18 months, had a miscarriage last year but this pregnancy feels much better and all is going fine so far. Am a bit nauseous but haven't been sick. Very bloated and very sore b___bs.


cozylife - February 17

Hi girls! I've been working overnights, and haven't been on my computer. I have a Dr's Appt at 3:30 today- I'm due October 23, so, I guess It makes me 4wk-4 days. I'm 39- high risk, have had 2 previous m/c in 2004/2006. This just might be the "one". No real symptoms, just sore b___bs, strange abdominal twinges. My sleep pattern is weird, and I'm always hungry! I work on Labor & Delivery, so I know all the crazy stuff that can happen. I work with my doctor, so we have a close relationship. (We text back and forth) He's only 38! I believe we're going the progesterone route, due to my m/c's. I'll keep you posted! Good luck to all!


melissaxoxo - February 17

Hi ladies!! I hope all is well this week! Ca__sie, I'm glad you conquered the tough obstacles of cancer. That is scary, but you made it!! :o) You're one tough mamma! Yes, this would be my first baby. So I know how you feel about if it were similar to winning the lotto! heehee. I'm a little anxious b/c today, my girlfriend that got pregnant before I did had the "m" word :( So I'm pretty petrified, but I'm going to stay positive and eat healthy! I still feel crazy twinges/cramps in my lower belly, and the sleeping habits are totally weird! Cozy, that's great you work in that kind of environment, gives you all the better feelings of what to expect. Congrats Fang and Blessed and to all mammas to be on here!


Fang - February 17

Thanks Melissa I am always hungry too and am worried about putting on weight (although I know I will - and have to) as I lost 13kgs last year and was finally enjoying a slim, healty body. But at least I had put myself in a good position to get pregnant (not being overweight anymore). Am getting up twice every night to pee and am finding it hard to poop. Anyone else having the same problems?


blessedbythree - February 18

Computer calculations say I am 5 weeks today (3 since conception)... My sleep at night is so weird! I fall asleep early, am really hot at night and then toss and turn after about 4 hours of sleep. Starting to feel bloated, in the morning mostly. Not much sickness or soreness. How is everyone else?


33secondtimemom - February 18

Hi Everyone! I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago so I am around 7 and a half weeks now. The baby is due October 2nd. I am 33 years old and this is my second child. I have a 10 year old daughter who is not sure what to think about there being another kid around! I was really suprised myself when I found out lol but I'm finding this time I'm a little more scared than I was with my daughter. I guess I'm worrying that where I am older maybe I'm not as healthy. I have had more symptoms this pregnany. I am craving all kinds of food early. I was a smoker before I found out I was pregnant and quit as soon as I found out. So, I guess I've been kind of a nervous wreck. Fang, I am having the same problems lol. I stumble to the bathroom several times a night most of the time waking everyone up in the process! I also am worried about putting on weight. This is my second pregnancy so I'm worried about what it's going to do to my body THIS time. I've put on about 10 pounds already! Is anyone esle already putting on weight?



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