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blessedbythree - March 5

mfdez- So sorry for your loss... wishing you more baby dust at the right time. melissa- i am very close to peoria in phoenix, right right off the 101 & 10. Not looking forward to the heat at all.... :( I still wont have insurance for a month or two when open enroll come along. I did call my other DR though and they charge $100 plus labs. A lot better than $300 plus labs. The whole pregnancy still almost doesnt feel real to me yet. Maybe it will after I go to the DR next Tuesday... can you hear the HB at 8wks? I cant remember. I dont feel like I am having too many symptoms, though when I write it out I guess my waist and bbs have gotten bigger, though the scale is still the same. I have off and on cramping, crazy vivid dreams... and a few other things. I havent noticed on the s_x thing too much yet... though it is better than when on bc hormones. I actually have feeling, which is great. Wondering when I could myself as 2 or 3 months? Hows everyone else doing that?


haburkey - March 5

Hello everybody!! I am glad everybody seems to be doing well! Mfedz- I am so sorry. My cousin just went through the same thing, it must be heart wrenching. I go for my scan on Monday at 2 :) So I will let you all know how that went! I have had no morning sickness yet, which i find odd, considering with dd I had ALL DAY SICKNESS...I feel very bloated, and bbs hurt extremely bad!! Slight cramping in abdomen...constipation...yuck! I am also from Ohio :) Hope everybody has a wonderful weekened! I will be on Monday night to let you know how bean is doing! Thinking I am 6w4d so hope to see something on ultrasound! Pray for me!


Ca__sieSong - March 6

Mfedz, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sorry you have to go through this and wish you strength at this time. Haburkey, looking forward to hearing your scan results! I go for mine on March 25th. I will be 10 weeks by then. Can't wait!! I'm about 8 weeks now, and last week I went to my first Dr. appointment. It definitely makes things more real in my mind. Not having any morning sickness either. So glad!! Still have cramping, sore b___bs, etc, but otherwise am fine. Finally told my sister on Wednesday night and told my parents tonight. Everyone is super happy for us. We are waiting now till this coming Tuesday to tell dh's parents. After that, it's a free for all on the news. :-) My sister is supposed to be quiet on this and yet this is what she posted on her facebook status: "is trying to keep mum about some family news until given the permission to pa__s it along." Ughh!!!! That's like giving a hint about this. Not fair!


haburkey - March 8

yay! ultrasound today! Measuring 6w2d...strong heartbeat at 112bpm! Little bean is fantastic! And my dr. is an ultrasound LOVER so i get another one in 5 weeks on April 13th :) looove it! hope all is well with everybody else!


Cherwill - March 8

Ok So I went for my first prenatal appt today and by a transv____al US I am measuring 7 weeks 5 days but I know for a fact that I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. What is worse is that there is no heartbeat. I saw for myself...the baby is formed abut the heart is not beating. I am still in astonishment. I have to repeat the scan next Monday.I did not really want this pregnancy but we had started getting comfortable with our little addition. Yesterday he hugged me and asked me how is his baby doing and that felt soooo good. Now we are facing a possible miscarriage. I have left everything in God's hands so He will do what is best for us.


Kimmer23 - March 9

haburkey - congrats on seeing your little bean with a strong heartbeat! I can't wait until my u/s next week! Where is Ohio are you? I live near Columbus. Cherwill - so sorry to hear your news. That's so sad and scary. Is there anyway that your dates could be off? Again I'm sorry, and I hope you can see the little heart beating next time you go. If not, hang in there and remember what you said - God is there with you. How is everytone else? AFM - I'm fine. 6 weeks today and not feeling anything major. I'm just ALWAYS starving :) I have off and on cramping, mild b___st tenderous, and fatigue, but that's about it. Hope all is well. Kim


melissaxoxo - March 9

haburkey- congrats on the HB!! that's wonderful! blessed- i'm totally not looking forward to the heat and being pregnant during summer!! yikes, but we can do it!! cherwill- i'm very sorry for your news, try staying positive! maybe kimmer23 is right that your dates could be a little off. hope all goes well with your next appt. how is everyone doing? i'm going on 9 weeks this week!! finally told all the family, and they couldn't be happier! i also found a good paying job that i start on thursday! so life's been going pretty smoothly! have a great week all! ~melissa


Ca__sieSong - March 10

Cherwill- I am so sorry for the news your doctor gave you. I'll be thinking of you as you await your next scan. It makes me worry about my pregnancy as well, but I know whatever happens is supposed to happen. Did you have any inkling that something might be off? Were you still experiencing all the symptoms? Let us know the results. Haburkey, real happy for you and the scan results. I still have to wait till the 25th to have my scan. Melissa- so you told everyone now? So have we! Pretty much anyone who knows us now knows the news. My work knows too and they were totally thrilled for me. I was so happy with their reaction. I had been so nervous. Still same symptoms as ever. Mild cramping, sore b___bs, metallic taste in mouth (but not bad), hungry a lot and peeing A LOT. The peeing has definitely gotten worse over the weeks. Who was the one who talked about possible twins Any news on that yet? I'm a fraternal twin myself, as is my grandmother.... so there's always a slight chance with me as well. But I don't think that's the case this time for me.


haburkey - March 12

I am so jealous of you who do not have m/s. I have not held much down since Tuesday afternoon. I am about to cry. As with DD nothing helps me either. I basically feel so nauseaus, the only way to relieve it, is to stick my finger down my throat and make myself vomit, my mother tells me not to do that, but throwing up makes me feel better. 7w1d today...ehhh 2 days down 33 to go?! :(


1st Time Mommie - March 12

Haburkey... I can sympathize with you. Since about week 7 I have been experiencing terrible nausea (11 weeks today). I do sometimes find relief after vomiting. Anyhow, the nurse at my doctor's office handed me some recommendations for untoward s/e of pregnancy; the advice for n/v is to take a Unisom pill with 50 mg of B6. I can honestly say it's offered me some relief, but I still feel miserable -- I hate to imagine how miserable I'd be without this medication. BTW, I spoke with the pharmacist and Unisom (or Benadryl, as she suggested) is a category B. Just be sure you're near a bed if you want to try this method -- you will get really sleepy. Good luck.


melissaxoxo - March 14

Hi Gals! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Ca__sie - I've told all MY family, we have yet to break the news to the boyfriend's family. We're waiting till Easter to tell them. Also, my boyfriend's aunt just announced her pregnancy yesterday to everyone. She's 81/2 weeks, right behind me, and she's been trying for about 15 years. I'm super excited for her, but I felt kind of awkward, and don't think it'll be much of a surprise for us anymore. That's great you got a positive reaction from your work. I just started my new job, so I'm waiting till a few more months to say anything. Haburkey- Hang in there, hopefully the sickness won't last much longer. How's everyone else doing??!?!?


haburkey - March 15

well, Friday I had to go to the ER. I had not been able to hold ANYTHIHNG down for about 3 days. I was severly dehydrated, and had to get 2 bags of fluids in me. I had been having vomiting and diarrhea, and lost all the pota__sium in my body...sooooo i am feeling better I guess. They gave me Zofran to take...i hope this is almost over!


Ca__sieSong - March 16

Melissa- how did your family react when you told them? How do you think your boyfriend's family will react? That is great his aunt is preggo now after trying for 15 years. That is a loong time to want something! I'm sure your announcement will still be a surprise and his aunt and you will bond over your pregnancies. :-) Hayley, so sorry about all your sickness!! You poor thing. That is no good, but I hope that Zofran will help you. I should count my blessings that I don't have to deal with that. I don't know how I would... with my dd being home with me every day. I was at church yesterday and everyone knows now. One guy looked at my stomach and said, "How did we all miss that?" haha... it's true though. I swear I look 4 months pregnant. Ah me, oh my. I'm gonna be a blimp.


melissaxoxo - March 18

hi gals ! how's your week going? man, i didn't think i'd survive work today, i was sooo super tired! ugh! ca__sie- my family reacted shocked, yet happy :) they really wanted me to be married first like any other family would, but they're excited more and more each day, so that makes me happy! i'm just anxious to announce the news to my boyfriend's family. you're right, maybe it'll give his aunt and i a wonderful bonding experience. hailey - you feeling any better? well have a wonderful day! talk to you chicks later!! ~melissa


babmama - March 18

Had my first scan today and my baby was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Had a good strong heartbeat and everything's developing like it should be and man is it a mover, was kicking it's legs and waving it's arms around and everthing : ) So happy and thankful for this little bub, I really feel like it's a girl, not sure why just have this strong feeling. Can't wait to meet her (or him) that's for sure. Hope everyone else is well and happy too xxx


blessedbythree - March 19

Feels like its been awhile since I have posted. I find it hard to keep up/remember everyones names and what everyone has said. Does anyone else? Maybe I just dont take enough time to read through it all well enough. Melissa, hope the easter announcement goes well. I think the news just for me and dh is just starting to set in as real, so I immagine we might tell his family around easter too. I have been tired, taking a small nap about everyother day. HABURK, Your MS (all day) sounds awful!! I had a cup of coffee before church sunday and had the worst MS all day sunday. Very bad. I thought that it was just starting in for me at 9 wks but I have not had coffee again and have just been having my usual off and on nausea. Throwing up does help though with that though.... Ca__sie, Do you notice your tummy looks fuller at a certain time of the day? I feel like mine is popping out in the morning before i pee, and in the evenings after dinner. Probably just bloating but I know my waist is expanding because even when I suck in its not as small as it used to be. My oldest daughter turned 5 today. I cant wait until we let the kids in on it, my daughter will be so excited. I have a slight feeling its a girl, only because my face is bad and i feel like my skin is extra oily like with my daughter, and i dont have bad MS like with my son. Also beef (esp steak, etc) makes me so sick, even to look at it I feel sick. Another symptom I had while preggo with my daughter. Hope everyone is good! What week is everyone on now? Im at 9wks and hoping my inlaws dont guess at a gathering this weekend by my expanding tummy. I think its more visible to me though.



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