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paullover - January 31

Hi...I just found out this morning that I am 4 weeks prego...due Oct 9th!! I am SOOOO excited, but at the same time VERY nervous! I had a mc back in may 06 so I am just praying that everything will go smooth these next 8 weeks! Anybody else due around the same time?


zerfowski05 - January 31

I just found out yesterday that I'm possibly 5 weeks pregnant which would put me either at the very end of Sept. or beginning of Oct. This is my first baby. i mc in Oct of 05. I am completely oblivious to everything! This wasn't planned but we weren't preventing it either and my husband and i are VERY excited! Is this your first paullover?


paullover - February 1

Hi zerfowski05...you can call me Jen :-)...No this isn't my first, I have a 2 year old little boy. Congratulations to you!!!! When you say possibly, do you mean you're not sure how far along you are? or You're not sure if you're pregnant?


Mrs.W. - February 1

Hey there. Congratulations you two! I am 5weeks/2 days pregnant - due October 2nd :) I had a m/c back in November 06. This will be hubbys and my first baby :)


zinny - February 1

HI I am about 4wks &5 dys adn I'm due Oct 7 this is my second I have a 10 mth old son


paullover - February 1

Hi Mrs. W and Zinny...congratulations to you too!!


CMAgrad07 - February 1

What was everyones symptoms??


KWaits - February 1

Just found out last night that I'm PG. Nurse gave me a due date of Oct. 8th. Congrats to us all!!


grace2 - February 1

Hi all! I'm due Oct.5 too, first time pregnant. Congrats all round!


zerfowski05 - February 1

I'm possibly 5 wks and definetely pregnant! As soon as the urine touched the stickit was BFP! I'm still in shock though! I'm guessing I'm 5 or 6 wks because I guess your suppose to calculate from the first day of your last period? That would put me at 6 wks today. My husband and i just moved here about a year ago so I have no idea how to go about finding a doctor. I've looked through our insurance book of providers and guess i will just pick the first one. I don't really know anyone that lives near us 9 we both commute to work) so I don' have anyone to ask about OB's. This is all very new and scary to me! So how do i determine a due date? I'm so excited to see so many of you that i can share this with! I'm about 600 miles from my family and friends and my husband is on the road with his job so I'm pretty much alone.


paullover - February 1

Hi zerfowski05...That's great!! You can go to babycenter.com or any site like that and they have a due date calculator. I'm not sure but they might have one on here. You just put in the first day of your last af. It's really simple. I'm so glad to have people to talk to that have been through a mc too. I am so nervous about this pregnancy because I never ever want to go through that again and I want this baby so bad. I just need to relax, but it's hard.


zerfowski05 - February 2

o.k. so according to the baby calendars that figure out your due date I should be due 9/28 which will probably put me in the first few weeks of Oct. It's still hard for me to believe hat I'm actually pregnant! I'm light headed and dizzy a lot lately and have to pee every 5 minutes. Not to mention how sore my b___sts are! I'm 6 wks according to the first day of my last period. Hows everyone feeling today?! Have a bit of a dillema. My husband and I will probably be moving in august or sept. ( we commute about an hour each way to work and it's just to much! ) so I don't know whether to get a doctor over by where we might move or jst get one where we are now. I don't want to switch after starting with one. Any suggestions?


liltif - February 2

Hey Ladies, and Congratulations to everyone! My name is Tiffany and I found out I am pg on 1-25-07! Yeah, early!! I am due (guessing) Oct 7th. I have one DD that is 6 and DH and I have been ttc #2 since 4-03. I had a m/c at 11 wks in 10-03 and an ectopic in 11-05. I was diagnosed with secondary IF and PCOS. I had not had a cycle since Nov 20th. We were trying to do an IUI. I had a blood test on 1-8-07 and it was neg. A few days later I took provera to make AF come. I always start on the 3rd day after the last pill and nothing happend. I told DH on the 4th day and he is the one that told me to take the test. It was a BFP on the 5th day with in 30 sec!! The Dr. told me I was lucky to pick it up bc my hcg was 54.6! 48 hours later 118 and another 48 hours 248! I don't have to have more blood work until this coming Monday and then an u/s next Friday. I think we conceived on Jan 14th. I am considered high risk bc of the past. We are beyond excited to be here right now. I pray for all of us to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery! My symptoms now are, very, very sore b___bs and nipples, gasey, bloated, dizzy, and hungry every 2 hours, but not gaining any weight, and the m/s is starting to kick in, I have the gag thing when I brush my teeth. ~Tiffany


Bellasmomma - February 2

Wow!....I too am due like October 1st or a few days later......I am so excited because I too am a October baby, its my favorite time of year as well. Congrats!!!


Mrs.W. - February 2

I'm far away from family and friends here too - I'm originally from Switzerland, my husband is American... I don't know very many people here and just had to pick a doctor out of the phone book lol... My first appointment is on Feb 12th... As for symptoms I am VERY tired and got sore b___bs...during the day they itch like crazy - does anyone experience that too?


Cerendipy - February 2

Me! I think...Everything keeps giving me 2 due dates...9/30 or 10/11!


paullover - February 2

Congrats liltif, bellasmomma & cerendipy! Zerfowski...I would definitely look into a doctor in the new area that you will be moving to. As you get further along you will probably want to be closer, at least I know I would and when I was prego with my DS I was very happy I only had to drive 10 minutes! I have been very dizzy too! And when I am hungry I start to feel a little queasy(like right now). My b___bs aren't as sore as they were, but my nips are very sensitive!



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