Odd Cramps At Night

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Julymommy2b - October 28

Hi everyone, I have been having cramps on and off since I found out I was pregnant. Last night, I had an intense cramp (kind of like when you are about to get your period) and it lasted for a minute or two. It was central in my lower abdomen. Nothing since then. It seems like when I pee, I also get a pulling type of cramp on either side. I am 6 weeks, 3 days with normal hormone levels. I had an ultrasound at 5 wks which showed the gest. csac in my uterus. Tomorrow I have another ultrasound. I have not had any bleeding which I think is a good sign. Has anyone experienced cramps like this with everything being fine? I am just scared. Thanks!


Whisper - October 28

I had this at around the same time in my pregnancy. Its normal. Everything is just stretching down there. I noticed in the earlier weeks that when my bladder was full, it enhanced the pulling/stretching feeling. Everything is fine with my pregnancy thus far, and everything I've seen says those feelings are completely normal!


coyote - October 30

I have been getting odd cramps too. They are sort of like period cramps, though much lighter and pa__s quickly. It is scary!! But I think as long as it isnt accompanied by bleeding, its ok. But the whole m/c and ectopic stuff is so scary. I am anxious to get an appt with an obgyn. I am 5 weeks/3 days and have only seen my nurse pract_tioner. I totally feel you on the cramps. It is frightening...


kdella2 - October 31

Hi everyone- I am not confirmed pregnant yet, but i am due for AF on Sat. I have tested today (Wed) and neg result. For the last week I have been getting these weird cramps in my lower abdomen. It feels exactly like stretching. It is off and on. I had a MC in March and i didnt feel like this at all. Anyone had similar symptoms in early pregnancy or even before they knew? Any thoughts would help. Thanks!



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