Off The Charts HIGH Hcg At 4 Weeks HELP Pg1289292382

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Jenny2 - November 9

So i have incredibly long periods. My last period was on the 5th of september, which was 9.5 weeks ago. However, i had a hcg test done on the 14th of October and the result was 0.80 - which is technically negative. I took a hpt a week later on the 21st september and it was negative. Then only 2 weeks later on the 4th of november, i took a test and it came out as 8,913!! Seeing as 4 weeks earlier it was negative (and 3 weeks earlier i had a neg hpt) i dont think i could be more than 4 weeks. In addition, i had a u/s the day i got the huge results and the tech said that what she saw was appropriate for 4 weeks, but not for the hcg number. Why is the number so high???? its off the charts even for 5 weeks. I've done some reading and some seem to say it a DS indicator, and i'm freaking out a bit. I'm only just 28. Please can anyone tell me they had really high number and everything was okay?


CB78 - November 16

What's a DS indicator? At 5w my HCG was 169333. They think I might be carring twins. (Yikes!)


Jenny2 - November 17

CB - are you sure your dates are right???? are you 5 weeks from conception or LMP? with that number i would be worried about a molar pregnancy. When are you having a u/s? I've read mainly on forums about high hcg possibly being an indicator of ds, -i think as part of the triple screen test, but i admit i didnt find too much info as to weather this refers to very early on hcg. Anyways, i went for another hcg and ultrasound a week later - on November 11. My hcg was 56,692, but my ultrasound measured me at 6 weeks 1 day, with one baby and a heartbeat. So i guess i was 5 weeks when my # was 8,913, and the tech was not very thorough, which is why she said it was appropriate for 4 weeks. My doc still thinks my number is strange, and was surprised they only found one in there, so he's sending me back for another u/s in a week - when i should be 8 weeks. I've been reading that alot of people missed twins in their first, and even second u/s, so we'll see. I'm feeling a bit better that my date was off.


Mamax2 - December 4

Don't panic, high HCG doubling that fast can mean multiples too, or it can simply indicate a healthy pregnancy! Hcg levels vary so much that alone they diagnose nothing except + or -!!! So congrats!!!



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