Official Countdown To SECOND TRIMESTER

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Dia - December 4

Hi ladies! I am currently 12 weeks and 5 days and I am beginning the official countdown to the second trimester (13 wks 1 day). I know there is much debate on when this starts, but I am using 13 wks 1 day. Woo hoo! Anyone want to make the transfer together? Tomorrow I have my first official appt and I am really excited!! Congrats to everyone!!!!


Cabbie - December 4

Hi! I am 12w 4d by ultrasound, 11w 5d by LMP, and 12w by my 26 day cycle. Talk about confusing. I too am confused about when the second trimester starts but dr said he considers 12w 1d second trimester since that is how insurances do it (he can no longer see me since he isn't delivering babies allow him to see through first trimester or 12w). Very interesting! It just feel could to get to this mark after three miscarriages the last year and half.


mama-beans - December 4

Well today I am 12w5d as well... Due the 13th too! Very fun! I have dallied over on the 2nd trimester board for a few days, but not made an official transfer...I had my first appointment and u.s. at 8 weeks, and don't get another one till 18 weeks, end of January.


Dia - December 4

Welcome ladies! Mama-beans, I think I have been in threads with you before. We are due the same day - that is pretty exciting! *Hi Cabbie* - I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriages, this one will stick!!! How are you ladies doing on weight gain? I have gained about 8-11 pounds, depending on the day :) I am 23, been married for 3 years, and this baby was somewhat of a surprise. We are very excited though! I will be transferring boards on Wednesday - woo hoo!!!


Cabbie - December 4

HI! Well, I am actually down five pounds. I've been really nauseas and sick until the last few days. It seems to be letting up and I am so glad cause with my second daughter I was sick through the sixteenth week! Ultrasound puts me due June 14. Original date was June 18. I've had three ultrasounds already. All had good measurements and heartrates of 130 and 160 (third ultrasound last week was a quick check for a beating heart....couldn't get it with dopplar...tilted uterus). I have two daughters ages 3 & 6. I lost a pregnancy in Aug 04 at 6w, Oct 04 chemical pregnancy, and June 05 blighted ovum diagnosed at 10w. I am 32 and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 10 1/2 years. This baby was a surprise since I had just had a DNC in June and we were waiting on birth control to kinds get myself back on track. Good luck to all!


Tillie - December 5

I'm 12w 4d and wondering when I'm going to FEEL better! I was so sure it would end by week 12... how are you all feeling? I'm 28, first pregnancy, married a year. Thrilled to have a baby, but really suffering with this sickness and shocked that I've gained five pounds already! I have my first *real* appointment tomorrow. Can't wait!


Dia - December 5

Hi Tillie, I am still very, very sick as well. In fact, I am trying to keep my lunch down. I was also very surprised to see my weight gain considering I can hardly eat. My appt today went excellent and I got to see the baby's heartbeat and I got to see him bouncing around like mad. He kept moving and switching positions and waving his arms and stuff. It was really cool. My doctor gave me Zofran for my nausea and vomiting, and apparently that is the best, most effective for morning sickness. I was taking phenergan, but that didn't work really. I am about to leave to go get my zofran...I will let you know if it works!!


Tillie - December 5

Dia, yes, let me know if it works! Some days I feel like quitting my job just so I can stay in bed and keep my stomach calm! I can't believe you saw your baby MOVING! That thrills me--I have an appointment tomorrow, but I had no idea you could see such a thing this early. You must have been ecstatic! Speaking of the second trimester board, I checked it out today and it just seemed so... advanced. I feel like everything I'm feeling is just so "first trimester". But I guess I should move over there soon. Still, I'm confused about when the 2nd trimester officially starts.


mia - December 6

hi ladies can i join you?.....i'm 12 wk 1 day.I've had one appointment so far but that was just to receive a pregnancy pack.My next appointment is 15th dec. i'm told i will have my bloods done.I have a six yr old son and i had a mc last year so this first trimester has been pretty daunting all the way through.I'm hoping i'll chill a little once i'm in the second trimester.


Dia - December 6

All right ladies, I am gone! Yea! I am 13 weeks and 1 day and am going to "officially" switch boards. Thanks to all the ladies on here who helped me when I needed it!!! See ya in the next zone!!!!!



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