Ok Girls Your Best Boy Names

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moescrilla - February 7

Since my darn sister who is pregnant and is farther along than me kind of stole my boy name without knowing it (Aiden) and my next name was Caden, but really would probably get confusing, I need to come up with some more. I like something unusual, not common stuff. I like Leyton. Or if you know any good biblical names that would be great. (My sons name is Micah and my husband is Levi, so I thought it would be cool to have another bible name if its a boy) I think I'm having a girl, but I took that urine test on intelligender.com and it said boy. So....just in case, I need something. THANKS GIRLS!


jessicaspatherapist - February 7

We like Nathan, Nathaniel, Tobias and Jonas or Jonah.......


Hamiltino - February 8

What about IARLA pronunciation Ear-la it means Western prince or RIAIN pronunced Ree -an meaning King they are both Irish Boys names and very uncommon. Aidan unfortunately is an extremely common name.


jendean00 - February 8

we were going to name ours Christian, but we found out we are having a girl.


moescrilla - February 8

Aiden is very common, but its not the traditional common names, like john, david, etc. I know allot of people naming there sons aiden (including my sis) so I'm kind of glad thats out! lol


lovestruckjsw - February 8

if it's a boy, we're going with Matthew Steven simply because that's all we can think off and Matthew is my older brother's name and Steven is my father in law's name.


erinsoul - February 8

We wanted something different too. Our son's name is Dane. And if this one is a boy we are thinking Sebastien or for a girl Emery.


Mega - February 8

How about Gabriel? I'm leaning towards the name Holden Gabriel if it's boy.


KWaits - February 8

If its a boy we like Owen Patrick or Brice Allen. I also like Ian.


kristinns25 - February 8

I love last names for first names like Cooper, Conner, Taylor, etc. I also love Maddux, Cameron, and Carson.


kimberly - February 8

I love Jacob, Isaac, and Kaden. My oldest son's name is Ryan Jacob, and my youngest name is Isaac Blake. I just like the name Kaden but it is kind of common. I don't have many boy names picked out b/c I am hoping for a girl!


kimberly - February 8

I frogot a name... I like Bailey for a girl or a boy.


socalmom - February 8

our top 2 names are Hunter Daniel, then Ryan Patrick


ROBYN - February 8

Mason James if we are having a boy.


margie - February 8

Isaiah is a cool bible name. I LOVE the name Micah btw! :)


Katz - February 8

We are naming ours, if it is a boy Noah........it is funny though, my nephew is named Layton and my daughter, Caitlyn, would have been Caden if she were a boy! You have good taste. We like Noah alot though and think that it will be adorable as a kid but also one that can be taken seriousely as an adult.


Diva647 - February 8

Hey MOESCRILLA don't feel bad about theft of Aiden, there are sooo many -aiden sounding boys now; Caiden, Aiden, Braiden, Payten, I even heard a Rayden. The What to Expect pregnancy site has a cool baby name finder, you can pick boy &then pick Styles of Names like: Religion/Mythology or Music or Sports or Literature etc. I'm w/you on being at a loss for names. I swore we're having a girl but it's V. likely that it's boy & I'm up S Creek w/out a paddle cause I've got no boy names in mind!!! I can give lots of cute girl ones tho.



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