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preggoplease - February 10

Ok so if I have a boy I have to name him after by DF, which would be Robert J. Brown the 5th. So I can pick any J name for his middle name, and that's what we will actually be calling him. I like unique names, but the only good ones I have found are the traditional Jacob.....and then Jordison, which is unique. But that's all I have. Oh and it can't be Joseph or Jason (those have been taken by DF and his g-pa). Thanks in advance!!!!!


taraleej - February 10

jaden-jaiden,,,, thats the only one i can think of lol


preggoplease - February 10

I like that name but by Daughters name is Jayde...lol. That would get confusing..lol. Thanks anyway!!! =]


preggoplease - February 10



Rhonda - February 10



jessicaspatherapist - February 10

he won't actually be the fifth if he doesn't have the exact same middle name. but anyway, you could go with Jonah, Jonas, Jamison, Jayce, Jesse, Jade, Jones, Josip, Josiah, so many! whattoexpect.com has a great baby name finder....


preggoplease - February 10

Well yeah actually it would be the 5th. The name don't have to be exact. Robert J. Brown is the family name, four generations, this being the 5th! I have the same thing in my family as well....James L. Ward (middle names AREN'T the same), but my family's is 7 generations long! But thanks anyway...


jessicaspatherapist - February 10

preggo, i wasn't trying to argue with you. i looked this up on wikepedia because my husband is the III and we were considering having our baby be the IV but with a different middle name and it says that it has to be the same exact name. of course that only matters if you want that suffix after your name. if not then you can use a totally different middle name.


moescrilla - February 10

yeah, we had that discussion at work as well.


moescrilla - February 10

search Suffix (name) on the wikipedia website. At work they were trying to tell me only the first name had to be the same and I said that didnt make any sense. So thats cool we were talking about it on here. Anyway I like the name Josiah too. Or Jonah, jonas, jeremy, jackson, james, to think of a few


moescrilla - February 11

whats the rule on naming the baby after another person? (Not the father) b/c it just says on wikipedia that naming the son after the father must be exact name or he is not a jr.. If you name him after your uncle, or naming him after the womans father- would it apply as jr. then? I thought it had to be father to son. Does anyone know the official "ruling" on that? LOL


jessicaspatherapist - February 11

moescrilla, wikepedia says that it has to be the father son to be jr, but can be the grandfather or uncle to be II. Can't be on the maternal side though....has to be on the father's side of the family in order to use the suffix. Unless of course the baby took your last name.


aliciavr6 - February 11



moescrilla - February 11

Oh, so thats why there are II and jr.'s I thought it was the same thing, just people tryin to be different, lol


mommy fin - February 12

I like the name Jared. My DH family all have kids with first names that start with the letter J and middle namesthat start with the letter R. We are running out of names because there are 13 grandkids.


preggoplease - February 12

Ok ladies thank you for all your suggestions, I will pa__s these on to DF and let him make the final verdict....then let you all know who won...lol. Thanks again!!!


time4more - February 13

Jonathan, Jordan, Jeremiah, Jeffery, Jules, Julius, Jack, Jenson, Javier, Jose, Jude, Julio, Javid, Jerome, Jerry, Joshua, to add a few...sorry if any are dupes.



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