Ok So I Am Reluctant To Post This

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krissy2006 - October 18

Hey ladies, I have been here before and last time I ended up having to leave with my tail between my legs when I miscarried at 11 weeks and had to go in for a D&C. But now, only one cycle later, I am pregnant again. My first levels at 13dpo were 152 and 48 hours later they were 377, so they are doubling. I guess I am approx. 4 wks 3 days and due between June 22-24. I am nervous. Don't want what happened before to happen again. Anybody else nervous? Anyone out there to chat? Im at work and the end of the month is sloooooooww, so Im bored. Come chat with me! :)


lea1 - October 18

hey krissy, the same thinghappened to me when imisscarried and i was reluctant to do a first trimester post too, i htoughtid jinx myself. im not having my levels checked as the docs n nurses round here are quite tight but from my last period they estimated the due date as 10th june, but im guessinmore the 22nd as i probs didnt ovulate till 2 weeks after theyre cla__sin me as 6 weeks when really im 4, im quite sure of that! im so nervous aswell huni, i have just received my bookin in appointment for the 27th october and im hoping they will do a scan for rea__surance but i dont want to get my hopes up, im tryin to keep to feet on the ground n not get excited so i know how u mustbe feeling. your levels sound good though hn so thats a very strong possitivbe hey,..hope alls ok xx


krissy2006 - October 18

Hey Lea.... m/c is such a hard thing to go through and it makes subsequent pregnancies all the more fragile, precious and worrisome for us. The only suggestion I have for you is that you dont have an u/s or sonogram too early because it might cause undo worry if they cant quite see a fetal pole or heartbeat. Most doctors will wait until about the 8th week for a first u/s although because of what happened last time for me, my doc wants to do a first u/s on the 1st or 2nd of November. Will this be your first baby or do you have others? This will be my first. N how old are you? I just turned 23 the day after I got my BFP! :) Hope to talk with you a lot during these next 8 months!!!! ~Krissy


kay101 - October 18

I found out I was pregnant when I was only 3 weeks 2 days. Knowing that early terrified me but I just haaaaad to know! I've had some spotting for about a week and a half, which I believe has stopped now. I had an ultrasound a few days ago, the baby was measuring a day ahead of schedule, and had a heartbeat of 156bpm. It was so scary to see anything. You just kind of have to take it one day at a time, and look at each day down as a victory. I get more and more confident as they pa__s. Figure out what day will make it the end of that week for you, and focus on it. Your levels sound good, and I believe I read something like 90% of women have successful pregnancy after a miscarriage unless there is some underlying cause.


meg - October 18

Krissy, we are almost exactly the same...as far as numbers & due dates! At 14 DPO I was at 157 & at 16 DPO I was at 381! I am also due between the 22 & 24. I go back Tuesday for another blood test. I am so ready for the second trimester though!!


anfmom - October 18

I had a m/c in june and then got preg right away m/c in july! Waited and now from what I figured out im 8 weeks preg :) Very very afraid! I go tomorrow for a sonogram. I had to lie and say i never got a normal period or they wouldn't have gave me one!


anfmom - October 18

kay101 i found out at 3 weeks and 2 days to. Which is making time go by soooooo slow! How far along are you?


kay101 - October 18

Well I'm 7 weeks and 3 days now. Looking back, it seems like the time has gone by quickly. Maybe it's because this is my second, and I'm not obsessing every second of everyday that I'm preggers. It's sad to say though, that with each pregnancy you really don't worry any less. This one just really freaked me out because of the spotting I had. I thought in my head for sure something must be wrong, but I just didn't have that gut feeling that it was over. Ultrasounds are amazing mind easers, I just wish they'd give them to us more often, or invent some sort of take home kind!


kay101 - October 18

I bite my tongue, I don't know if you can rent them, but it deffinately looks like you can buy an ultrasound system online.


Whisper - October 19

I know we've never really chatted but I've followed your story for some time, and prayed for you to get another bfp after yorur loss. Im so glad to see you have, and so soon, such a blessing! It took me 7 months to get mine (irreg cycles) and according to my first u/s I am now about 8 weeks. It is such a nervous time after a loss And I too was scared to post my good news like you. Seeing a heartbeat this time was a great relief, but now I've 1001 other things to worry over, lol. I guess it is our initiation into mommyhood! Congrats on your little peanut,and I will continue to keep you and yours in my prayers. **sticky dust**


Shiva - October 19

Hi Krissy- sorry to hear your last loss and congrats to have you bean so quick. God bless to all of us preggo ladies. Krissy I think I have read your lots of thread from jan to may I think even I saw you on your downloaded videos also with your 3-4 cats I am not sure that lady was you or another one. I was really happy for that lady when she had downloaded her video to share the good news with her husband was that you??? if not sorry. I am 5w5d now and hoping I will get my U/S this time on Oct29 Fingers Crossed!!


Sims1 - October 19

Hi Krissy, Congrats!! I know how you feel, I was a wreck when I found out. I feel better now i'm in my ninth week, about to start 10 in two days. I saw a heart beat in the 7th week but since then have no idea what is going on. and my symptoms have not been that strong so....i know how you feel......but I can only imagine it's worse when you've experienced a loss which I'm really sorry to hear about. But chin up and stay positive and happy....and everything will be great this time!!


lea1 - October 19

hey krissy, i think drs are going to do it around 12 weeks just gunna wait it out, and be happy and chilled ....im 25 hun, i have twins who are 5 in january identical little girls, theyre great, how u doin today ?


cynnababy - October 19

Congratulations, krissy!! I know it's hard not to worry after you had a loss, but remember, this is a different pregnancy. different egg, different sperm! It's going to be different, and you will have a healthy and happy and uneventful 9 months!!


krissy2006 - October 19

Hey everyone, thank you for your encouragement. I am very excited that I got my BFP so soon after the loss. Whisper, you are such a sweety. sticky babydust for you as well...Shiva, yes indeed that was me. The one who downloaded the video when I told my husband about my first pregnancy. :) How is everyone doing??? I am 4wks 5 days today. I have a follow up hcg level testing on the 29th and then if the levels are good they will do an u/s on the 1st or 2nd. I am praying like crazy hoping to see that little white pulsing dot that will be my baby's heart. <<sigh>> I will be 6weeks 2-3 days when they do the u/s so... I hope hope hope... :) Sims1 I am so excited that you finally got your BFP!!!! :)IN fact congrats to all the ladies. This is just the beginning! Hopefully we will all have an uneventful but happy and fun 9 months!


krissy2006 - October 19

BTW Meg it is very cool that we are basically exactly the same in weeks and beta levels...LOL... hopefully that is a gr8 sign!! Keep me posted about your pregnancy and how its going!


staci - October 19

CONGRATULATIONS KRISSY! Sooooo so happy for you! And i have such a good feeling about this little bean! Keep your faith girl ( i know it must be hard) , things will turn out great!



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