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momof4 - May 21

I have an eight year old son and I wonder how he will be with this baby I'm now pregnant with. He's really independent and loves to talk and to act grown-up. My five year old loves to cuddle and to have his own way. My two year old is fascinated by babies but I believe she will be a little jealous. Especially since she's a daddy's girl. Anyone else with two or three children and pregnant again? It may sound like I have a handful. And it is a lot of the time. But all the good really does outweigh the bad. It's really a joy.


me too:) - May 23

I have 3 kids also! I have an 8 year son and a 7 year old son and a two year old girl and I am expecting another:) It was not planned but I am happy as I always wanted 4 children. Some people are very judgmental these days, but I love all my kids and they are all very well taken care of!! Congrats to you:) So how far along are you? I am 16 wks already...my kids are very happy and excited and my two year old is the same as yours...loves babies but I believe there will be some jealousy as she will no longer be the "baby". She tells me the baby is in her tummy not mine, but I got her some books to try and explain what is happening and how life is going to change with a new baby coming along.


mommyof4 - May 23

Hi!! I've put off telling some folks (including my grandmother) because they think I'm crazy for wanting four. My grandmother is practically raising my brother's and my uncle's kids so she's probably shocked that I actually take care of mine on my own and want one more. lol. I'm 11w 2d. Had an ultrasound today and saw the heartbeat and the baby kicking and dancing around. lol. That's what it looked like. My two year old goes around nodding her head and saying "Mommy's belly" she nods some more then says "baby". My five year old loved the ultrasound pictures I got today. My eight year old is still in school, on a field trip today. :) Thanks for writing back! I love chatting about my young'uns! :o) Take care!!



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