OMG I Am So Suprised

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wannababyboy - June 9

Well is there anyone else out there who is having twins??? I just found out today that my little bean inside my belly is not only one but two. I am soooooo freaked out right now but still excited!!! I was a little concerned when I noticed how pertruding my belly was getting at only 8 weeks but I guess this now makes sense:) Well just thought I would share the news.


tas - June 9

congrats when are you due. it would be nice if you have a boy and a girl. is this your first pregnancy


wannababyboy - June 9

Thanks so much! I am due Jan 15. This is my second pregnancy my first one ended in m/c in March. The doc says there is no membrane between them so more then likely they will be identical rather then fraternal.


olivia - June 9

Congratulations! Someone here was preg with twins recently but I haven't see her around. There is a twin and multiple birth board though, and you might find more there! I am so happy for you, good luck!


pinkrox87 - June 9

hey congratulations :) i can agree with u i found out i was expectiong twins on my 6.5week ultrasound- to calculate my due date- i almost died of shock becoz my fiance had been joking since we found out i was pregnant "what if its twins" :P it is our first pregnancy and there is no history of twins in our families :| so we were even more shocked but still we are so excited :D we just has our 13 week ultrasound last week and we have been garuanteed becoz they are in the same sack that they are identical... so its been a big 14 weeks for us. my belly is still quite unnoticable, only we can really see it, i thought i was gonna be huge quick :P oh well im sure it will come... once again congratulations and isnt it a great feeling to be blessed with 2 lil jellybeans :D


Lala - June 10

Hello congrats to you twin mommies! I have a question, though, are your twins really monoamniotic? What did the doc say about that?


wannababyboy - June 10

Thanks for all the kind words. Well my doctor told me that because he could not see any membrane between the two they will more than likely be identical, but its really early on I am in my ninth week. The babies are showing about 8.5 weeks. Pinkrox87 how did you two react to the shock? Twins do not run in either of our families either so I was really not expecting that as well. Thats funny cause me and my fiancee joked about it being twins too but then were like NO WAY, so when I told him that it was he didn't believe me. LOL Well good luck to you and everyone one else.


pinkrox87 - June 10

hey well i am just going but wat the u/s tech and doc's said that they are identical and they said it was because they are in the same sac... i mean i dont mind either way, but im no expert :P well wannababyboy i was having the normal ultrasound and my fiance is sitting beside me smiling because since we found out i was preggo he was joking about having twins... so he decides to ask the tech if theres is more than one, and she laughs and shrugs it off as a joke... a couple of minutes later she asks me if i have ever had an internal... and im like WTF? then she asked if there is a history of twins and u shound have seen my fiances face, he had the biggest grin on his face... for two reasons, he was right, which men seem to like :P and coz we were having two not one... i on the other hand was like :| and until she found and showed me TWO heartbeats i didnt believe her... not that i didnt want to, it was more of the "its my first pregnancy, how will i cope with two" feeling... but i quickly got over that and now im extatic and i cant wait to have them :D i am now 14.5 weeks and the docs are still confused on my due dates coz i live in a lil hick town in Australia, and the doctors are a pack of morons here... no offence to others of course :D so im due somewhere between dec 1 (if u go by ultrasound measurements- one is measuring a week ahead the other 3 days ahead) or 8 (dec by original date). sorry bout long post just thought i'd fill ya in :D Goodluck :D


pinkrox87 - June 10

*just going by wat the u/s tech and doc's said*...... * on the other hand I was like*... * and dec 8*... i think thats all my mistakes :P ... preggo horhomes... :D my bad



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