Omg Im Scared Anyone Out There

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ruby - December 3

ok im really scared i dont know why but iam..iam 10 weeks today n on monday is my first appt..n im gonna get a pap smear etc..n im so scared of my first appt on how its gonna be i never had a pap smear or anything like that..can someone please tell me how it is exaclty on your first neg comments serious how can i not be so scared..


Mindy - December 3

Ruby- I was so scared for my first examine and pap smear also. It is a breeze, it does not hurt at all. The pap may be a little uncomfortable for less then a minute but it should cause you no pain. Ask to speak to your doctor before the examine and they should explain to you the whole procedure. Good Luck and God Bless!!


A - December 3

do what you want i know that most women have a pap done in during pregnancy, but i had one done at 11 weeks and it caused me to lose my baby!!


to A - December 3

the doctor actually said that you lost the baby because of a pap smear? i have kind of a hard time believing that since it is such a routine thing for doctors to do during your first tri-mester...i have had 3 pregnancies...and two of them i miscarried, and this one is going to go to term...but they were NEVER caused by my pap smears...they have to do one to make sure that everything is ok...i am sorry for your lose, but i really dont think that it had anything to do with that. anyways will be fine, most doctors are very nice, and just make them aware that this is your first one, and that will let you know what they are doing each step of the way, if you feel any discomfort or anything, then just let them know...they will adjust to you. good luck!


ruby - December 3

omg now im really freakin out im so scared..;*(


missy - December 3

ruby u really dont have anything to worry about. just keep in mind that these dr appointments r to help u and the baby, to make sure all is well. a pap smear simply checks for cervical cancer. it does not disturb the baby and i highly highly doubt it can cause a miscarriage. just express ur worries to ur dr and i'm sure s/he'll give u some comfort. best wishes to u


Mindy - December 3

Ruby that is untrue about a pap causes a miscarriage. Your cevix should be closed during you pregnancy. When they do a pap, they sc___pe some cells near your cervix. It is a very safe procedure and you shouldn't feel anything. They would not do it if it wasn't safe. Please talk to your doctor before you go in for your examine, they should ease your fears about the whole thing. God Bless!!


reply to the 1st reply to A - December 3

are u a Dr?? I know what I was told! And know my body Im not the 1st one that i know who has had this happen to them. I am now expecting # 7. after the I lost the 1st I had the rest with a Dr who didnt do a pap on me until after week 20. I have 5 wonderful children thanks to my Dr.


lisa - December 3

im sure it wont cause you to miscarry, they dont do smears in uk during pregnancy as theres other mucus up there that can alter result, but i have had two miscarages nothing to do with smear, my last pregnancy i thought i was misscarrying, as i was bleeding, i couldnt bare to go through it again, i stuck my finger up there to see if my cervix was open really poked around, i didnt misscarry this baby and had her 1 month ago. dont worry, theres lots of reasons people misscarry, many unknown or it was not developing properly


ruby - December 3

thanks gurls..i dont noe why im even thinking about aww dis still i feel like sumthing is gonna go wrong i dont want them down there looking @ meh i guess i should have thought about aww dis ;*(



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