OMG IT HURTS Anyone Have This

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tndrlvn - May 8

I have the worst pain in my lower abdomin.......below the belly button just about pubic line........feels like i am getting stabbed......has been going on for about 10 this normal???? has anyone had this????? PLEASE HELP ME I'M SCARED!!!!!!


snugglybugglys - May 8

I get pain is bad streching pain. I almost went to the hospital when I was prego with my first cause I thought I was having an appendicitis or something lol.


tndrlvn - May 9

i sure feel alot better today,,,,,,,,,,,just wanted to let you all know........Thanks


singlem0m - May 9

Glad you feel better. I get that sometimes too! It can be really uncomfortable.


tndrlvn - May 9

omg uncomfortable is definitly it....i was really worried though....thank god it was nothing....after 2 m/c i get a little worried....Thanks


bear - May 10

Hi, depends how far along you are. If early pregnancy most likely the stretching of the ligaments. Pains tend to be quick like a stab & on movement. Absolutely nothing to worry about, just that your body is stretching to accomadate your pregnancy. I've had 4 children including twins & I had the stabbing like pains too. Frightening but safe. If you're in late pregnancy possibly Braxton Hicks or labour contractions. Good luck!


Tasha - bump - May 10

i am only between 6-10 weeks is it normal this early?


tndrlvn - May 10

Tasha I am 11 weeks tomorrow........i red up on my week by week pregnancy book and it said you will feel these Bear said it is your body stretching letting baby just hurt like AN SOB.. haha


Tasha - bump - May 11

tell you what this forum has been my saviour the last week i am only 18 and going to be a single mum it is so nice to have people to talk to i went to the doc today they said all the pain was fine it was just where i am so pet_t and i am streching



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