On Suppositories But STILL Have Low Progesterone

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gaudior - January 30

Argh! I just got the test results back from last Monday (4w3d) and my progesterone was at 12.5. I've been on progesterone suppositories (200 whatevers a day) since the day after I ovulated. The nurse today said my levels were "fine" but of course she told me that the last two times, and I lost the babies by 8 weeks. From what I read on the internet, 12.5 is not fine. Could it be possible that the progesterone is going straight to my uterus and not showing up into my blood stream? Or am I really doomed? How can I approach the doctor when they're saying I'm fine? They don't have to face losing baby after baby because of their lackadaisical approach! They're probably already sick of me because I keep pestering them to know my test results (how dare I care?) and have called a zillion times during my past two pregnancies. Vent vent vent.


gaudior - January 30

PS Sorry about the wig-out. I guess the hormones combined with the acc_mulated frustration with this clinic spilled over. I'm off to get an u/s this afternoon, so soon I'll know how the kid is doing so far.


ginger6363 - January 30

Don't apologize. There's nothing wrong with being concerned. Hopefully, your u/s today will put you more at ease. Let us know how it goes. If you are unhappy with your clinic, what about getting in with another? Or at least getting a 2nd opinion on your progesterone levels?


gaudior - January 30

Shock and amazement. I was only expecting to see a yolk sac at best, but the u/s showed a heartbeat! At 5w4d! We even got to hear it. Now I'm more adamant than ever to save little junior. Ginger, I'm switching to another clinic but don't have an appointment there until March, so until then I'm still under the care of my old doctor. When they call to discuss the u/s I'm going to demand another progesterone level test. Thanks for the kind words.


Sandra23 - January 30

I hope you don't mind my 2 cents. Gaudior, I have the same issue with low Progesterone. I went to the doctor at 7w because I started spotting. He sent me to the lab to have my Progesterone levels checked and it was only 8.6! They immediately put me on supplements and had me go back a week later for a retest. This time it went up to 12, but the told me that the test only measures the Progesterone in your blood (produced by your ovaries). So you are correct in your a__sumption that the blood test is not able to include the Progesterone from the supplements. Also, not sure whether they told you this, but you only have to take the supplements through week 12. At 10 weeks the placenta takes over Progesterone production so the issue takes care of itself. Most doctors will have you on the supplements for a couple extra weeks just to be safe. Good luck and glad that you had a great ultrasound!


gaudior - January 30

Sandra, your two cents are worth a million to me! Thanks so much for your rea__surance and for confirming what I suspected (or hoped, anyway.)


Mega - February 1

gaudior--Congrats on the h/b. That's wonderful. You & I are close together date wise, I think. My dr guessed I was about 5/6 weeks along too, & Monday I saw & heard the h/b. How amazing! Anyway, another idea is asking, no insisting that your dr switch you over to Prog. in Oil shots. So not fun. They're done in the b___t, your partner or someone else will probably have to do them for you. But the shots are asorbed best according to my RE. I'm on the prog. suppositories myself now though, since this was a natural pg & my levels were only a little low. But I've done the PIO shots for IVF before. Painful, but worth it if it'll raise the prog levels higher til the placenta takes over around week 10 as Sandra said. I'm pg again after a m/c about 6 weeks before I conceived this one. So I know how nerve wracking this can be. But you have the best interests of your baby at heart, & the clinic should understand that. I'm glad you'll be switching to a new clinic soon though. I hope they're more understanding. Good luck to you & your baby!


Diva647 - February 2

Hi Ladies, I'm on progesterone gel & my Dr. has never (as far as I know) checked my progst. levels. Is that odd? I've been told I have to take it 10 weeks from when I conceived, as I'm 12 weeks that means for a few more weeks. I can't wait to be off of it, I've been on it for over 2 months! Anyway, Have any of you had a pinkish discharge w/the gel? I did & the nurse said it was probably because that area is irritated. Just wonedering if anyone else had this.



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