Only 4 Weeks Amp Severe Cramping

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Amalys - November 30

HI, I've been getting severe cramps in my lower back and lower belly for the past couple of weeks. I'm conserned because they're consistant. Is this ok?? also, I dont experience any sickness at all.... is this normal... not even cravings..... please help me feel atease with my pregnancy...


Debra - November 30

I would tell your Dr about the cramping. It could be anything from a urinary tract infection to maybe a cyst on your ovary. I hope it's nothing serious. It is normal for some women to not experience sickness or cravings so I would not let that worry you. Keep us posted on your pregnancy.


Amalys - November 30

Thanxs Debra.. :)


Em - December 1

I had some pretty painful cramping around 4 weeks, I told my doctor and he said this is normal around the time you would expect your period if you normally cramp around this time. He told me it was normal as long as not accompanied by any bleeding - also it may be your uterus growing and strtching. I would say though if it is causing you a lot of concern to check with your doctor as everyone is different and sometimes we all just need a little rea__surance!! Good luck


jen - December 1

i am 6 weeks and the cramping is just starting to wear off, it was like period pains all around as you said. rushing around seems to make them worse, putting feet up for 10 mins seems to help. just atek it easy, also its a bit early for us to be having cravings and sickness, give it a few weeks and it will probably kick in. maybe we will be lucky and not get it atall!!! good luck :-)


Amalys - December 1

Thanxs for your support gals... It feels rea__suring when your not in the dark with all these concerns. Good luck 2 U all, I'll be praying for you.... :)


Em - December 2

Hey Jen. I'm six weeks too and unfortunately morning sickness reared its ugly head this week. Vomited first time today the rest has just been nausea. EW! Hope no one else gets it - it's not fun!


Lisa - December 9

I've recently found out I'm pregnant, (only about 4 weeks), I've been getting period-like cramps and thought I was going mad!!! Thankfully I've read all your answers and am a little at ease. Although now I'm worried that I might eat/do something wrong! I feel like I'm turning into a hypochondriac (prob not spelt right!)


ann - December 9

hi! amalys i would also suggest that you get a check up from ur dr like debra said it could be a cyst on your ovary .... i m 6 1/2 weeks and i had very bad cramps on the 5week and my dr had to do an utrasound n we found that i have a cyst on my left ovary n i also kept spotting for like abt 13 days it just stopped 2 days ago........ i still have some pain in my stomach but i think its mainly caz of the streching and i take some extra strenght tylenol if it hurts verybad...... wish you all a good luck gals and all these comments and sahring and suggestions really help a lot thanks a lot to everyone



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