Only 6 Weeks

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KaraK - July 29

I went to the doctor this week and my uterus is measuring only 6 weeks, I thought for sure I was eight. However, the doctors totally freaked me out because they said come back next week, because we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat by week 7. My mom is a nurse and she said week 11-12 I should hear a heartbeat and doesn't understand why I am so upset. The doctor made it sound that we are off by a week but maybe should be concerned. So I opted to get my blood work done, and have to go three times to make sure my blood doubles and that is a normal pregnacy. I am glad that it is not ecptoic or anything because I had some cramping which is "normal" but I am still freaked out. Has anyone experienced this or am I just overreacting?? There are so many emotions and my husband thinks it will work out to be fine and that I am just overreacting because the doctor needs to cover his ass.


FlyBear - July 29

I actually had almost the same thing happen to me, but I was aware of mine and can account for why the I'm not as far along as I would be if they measured by my LMP. The typical menstral cycle is 28-30 days, mine were always 40-42 days, like clockwork, but much like a normal 28-30 day cycle, I still only ovulated 14 days or so before the beginning of my period, which means if measured by my LMP I would be 13 weeks. However I'm more like 11-12 weeks. I wasn't surprised one bit when the Dr told me that I was only 8 1/2 weeks when I went in for my '10 week' visit to do my first u/s. However we did another ultrasound a week later and the baby looked perfect so I haven't really been worried about it. They didn't give me a new due date and I think they still measure it by my LMP. According to their records and my LMP I'm 13 1/2 weeks but if you ask me, I'd say I'm 12w1d. Sorry if that's confusing. Anyways, the point is, it could be that you ovulate a little later, or that you don't know exactly when you got pregnant. Dating by your LMP is only accurate if you have a 'typical 28-30 day cycle and ovulate on day 14-15, so don't be too worried. My nurse told me it was completely normal to be up to two weeks off when you date it by u/s. As long as your baby is healthy and has a strong heartbeat, don't worry about it too much. Sorry this is so long. I hope it helps.


clindholm - July 29

I can only tell you what my doctor does. She waits til 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat via Doppler. If they are looking for it on the ultrasound, they may see it by next week for you. Maybe that's what they meant? It really is no big deal to measure a little off depending on your cycle length and when during yout cycle you ovulate. Try to stay calm and good luck.


JessC531 - July 29

If they are doing a v____al ultrasound, they will see the heartbeat by 7 weeks. I'm sure your mom is thinking of using the doppler (that they just put on your belly)... For most women they don't hear a heartbeat with that until 11 - 12 weeks. (Although we heard my daughter's with that at 9 weeks!) Try not to stress too much. It's still too early to worry.


KaraK - August 4

Thanks girls for your responses.I am just praying that all goes well today. I am a firm believer in whatever is meant to be will be, but I already love this baby and it is so hard and emotional. I know the dates could be all screwed up and hopefully today they will see something and my hcg levels are normal and we will actually have a happy visit today. I mean I know we can start over, but it is just so upsetting when you already have these emotions and your body is changing. I just keep hoping for the best. I appreciate the support and will keep you posted. Let's hope for the best today. I am hoping my little one is just a slow starter, nothing serious. Thanks again girls.


KaraK - August 4

Well ladies, my worst dream came true today. I will not become the mother I had hoped in march. Again today they saw no heartbeat at 7 wks and I am so devasted. I feel like I let my husband down and I know statically 20% of all pregnancy end this way, but I am so upset and really wanted this child. I hope to be on this forum again soon. Thanks for all the support. Hope to talk to you soon. Good luck to you all of you and your new babies.



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