Only Just Found Out Im Pregnant In Shock

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cia - February 7

im 20 and just found out,must be six weeks now and so tired and quite moaney,is this ok??im very nervous,this is all very new to me,should i see a doctor now for a check up? think i just need some female support


Krissy25 - February 7

Your symptons seem normal for early pregnancy and yes you should see a doctor. If you don't have and OB/GYN you need to find one and set up your first appointment. They will probably want to see you somewhere inbetween week 7 to week 9. There is a lot of support in this forum but you sound like you might need to talk to someone in person maybe a friend or a family member. Being pregnagnt is a big deal and you will need lots of support.


Diva647 - February 7

There are lots of resources on-line so read as much as you can & you'll learn what's normal & what's not. I'll be frank w/ya the 1st 3 months will be hard on your body & can suck. You'll feel like c___p but it does get better. Call an OB or a midwife or a family Dr. right away & they'll guide you from there. Is your partner not supporting you? You sound sad & scared. Don't worry, you'll be ok, plus you have lots & lots of hormones running thru which will make you emotional & that's normal. .....Good Luck, you'll make it.


ChattyKathy - February 7

My doctor got me in when I was 7 weeks, so year, I'd start calling around and at least booking an appointment in advance. Being tired, moany, sore, grumpy, and everything else is normal. I'm turning twenty in a couple of weeks, so I really do know how you feel. Its a little weird for us. We're not quite "teens" but we dont exactly have the stability of an "adult" in most cases. I got nervous all the time. My first thought was "what do I do now?!" Really, pick a doctor and give them a call and go to the grocery to pick up some prenatals. Thats it. Everything else you'll learn as you go along.


cia - February 8

thanks guys i feel somewhat normal again! my boyfriend is supporting me and parents being great too.think some outside advice is always good aswell.


lovestruckjsw - February 8

I'm 20 also and pregnant. I was terrified at first but now thinks are starting to line up and i'm figuring things out as i go. It's still early for you so give yourself time to get used to the idea you're going to be a mommy. I know after the initial shock wore off, I get more and more excited every day! congrats on your pregnancy! Do like kathy said and pick up some prenatals at the store and start taking them immediately and in the mean time set up a doc appointment.



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