Opinions On Amnio And Other Testing

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michelly4 - December 6

Well I went for a checkup today and the dr. wanted to talk about different testing because of my age. I am 35. On is AFP which test for Downs, Neural Tube Defect and Trisomy 28. But even if that test is negitive it doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong. Because that test my blood. The other thing is Amnio. Which actually test the baby. So it can rule out these chromosonal abnormalities by 99%. The side affects are small and less than 1 % chance of miscarrage. I really want to find out if something is wrong. I don't think I could have a baby with these things wrong. This baby is wanted so much. I had my tubes untied in June so that we could have another child. But I have a 15 yr old that has a rare disease that has caused him so much pain and suffering since he was 3. He has been back on chemo for the last year and I think that we are almost done with that for the time. He has some lasting problems that he willl have forever and I wonder if he will ever be able to live on his own. I tell you all this because I just don't know that I could go through it again. I also worry that if the test was to show something that would break my heart. My husband has 2 boys and I have 2 boys. his is our first child together. So what are your opinions and is anyone else going through this ?


ShoppingForTwo - December 6

Personally I'm afraid of aminos. I think they are too risky for me since I would keep my baby no matter what. But on the other had, since abortion is an option for you I'd say go for the amino and find out everything now. I'm getting the AFP test, plus the nuchal transluency ultrasound test which also comes with a blood test. I'm only doing these tests because I'm nosy and I hate not knowing stuff. If something is wrong with my baby I would study the condition relentlessly and hope for the best. :)


jennifer_33106 - December 6

Well I would do it regardless of whether or not you would abort. If it were to come back positive then at least you would be prepared if you choose to keep it. GL!!


cubbie - December 10

I did the amnio with my first daughter, I was sick with CMV at the very beginning of my pregnancy and they told me that the chances of the fetus being touched was 40%, anyway I decided not to do the amnio as I was going to keep the baby no matter what, but then at the time that I was due to do it if I wanted they saw 3 spots of calcium in the brain which they said was a symptom of CMV having hit the fetus, so I did the test which came out negative. I spent the first 6 months of my pregnancy really depressed and suddenly because of the amnio I was able to relax for the last 3 months and prepare myself to be a mom. I don't know if I would or wouldn't do it again, it would depend on the situation, but in the case of my daughter I was pleased that I did.



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