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Jenn - May 16

I am 11 wks preg and have pain in my left lower back and hip. I went to the Dr today and she told me I could have a cyst on my left ovary. She told me that it will not harm me or the baby. Just wondering if anyone else has had a ovarian cyst while preg?


Jill - May 16

Jenn, I am 8 weeks pregnant and have 2 cysts on my left ovary. I was told the same thing that it will not harm me or the baby they are just going to keep an eye on them. But I have been having some lower back pain also.


debby - May 17

my daughter just went for her 1st prenatal visit and during the exam he said she had an ovarian cyst. He ordered a sonogram in two days but didn't seem worried, said it would probably go away on it's own.She has not had any symptoms from the cyst... like pain she is just about 9 weeks along and experiencing all other pregancy symptoms.


shajori - June 10

I am in my 8th week and i just found out the same thing. My Dr. said the same yours did.I am worried about the baby.


erica - June 10

I'm 11 weeks too with and ovarian cyst. Everything is fine. It will shrink or evaporate. Don't worry alot of women get them.


Jenni - June 10

Hi, I just had my ultrasound today (I'm 7w4d) and I have two cysts on my right ovary and the doc said they should go away on their own.


Tara - June 11

I am 5 weeks 4 days and had an ultrasound 2 days ago with the discovery that I have a large cyst on my right ovary. I also was having low back pain. The doc said it was nothing to worry about. I hope this helps.


Lisa - June 23

I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second and have been having the most horrible pain in my life in my lower back and pelvic area. I went to the ER and found out it is a cyst. I was also told it would shrink but it is EXTREMELY painful.


Amber - June 24

I am 8 weeks preggers and more cysts than i know what to do with. Yup, my entire uterus and ovaries are COATED with them. The only dramas i have had is when one bursts. It hurts when they burst, but its nothing to worry about. Just keep a feel on them :)


shelby - August 8

I am 7 weeks & went to see dr because of spotting & cramping, & he found a cyst. He todl me it should go away on its own. this was about a week ago. the pain is lessening


Ashley - August 8

I went for an ultrasound at 6w and was told I had a larger "than normal" cyst on my L ovary. Scared the c___p out of me!! Everybody (midwife, etc) kept telling me it would hurt and I could barely feel anything, only if I stretched or there was pressure on my stomach. Personally, I think it's going away, but I don't know and it hasn't caused me any pain in quite a while so I've given up worrying about it. I'm 10w now.


Holly - August 20

Yes i had an ovarian cyst i got it taken out 2 weeks ago at 22 weeks pregnant. The cyst was 10 by 12 cm so they had to take it out while i was pregnant, i could have lost both ovaries and the baby. I lost my right ovary and was quiet worried about that only being 18, but i've still got the other one. I've got a big scar down my belly but as long as everything is fine with us both that does'nt matter to much. I'm 24 weeks pregnant now and cannit wait.


Amy - September 7

I am 21 Weeks pregnant and had extreme pain in my right lower side. Went to the hospital and they found a 6cm cyst on my right ovary. Dr said pain should lesen and it should go away itself. I go for a regular appointment tomorrow and siad my OB/GYN will look at it again. the pain seems to be lessening, but its still there.



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