Ovarian Cyst At 6 Weeks

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Shel - October 11

I went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and although we are thrilled the doc saw the heartbeat and fetus, he told me I have a cyst on my ovary that they will need to monitor. They scheduled me for another ultrasound at nine weeks which is Monday. Has anyone else had this happen? I was told it slowly dimishes over time.


C. - October 11

It is quite common that the ovary that produced the egg, comes up with a little cyst. I had that too, seen on the ovulating ovary at 7 weeks. I also remember some light aches on that side. Anyway at 12 weeks it had completely disappeared. So, if your cyst is small and a result of ovulation then I wouldn't worry at all. Maybe he isn't sure if it was already there before. In any cases chances are good it will just go. Did you notice any slight pains? If they go, then that's another good sign. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!!


Jennifer - October 12

I also had a cyst, and I was told that it is quite common to get one on the ovary that produced the egg that produced your sweet little baby. They also monitored mine and it diminished and eventually went away. Good luck!!


sparkles - October 12

I just found out I have a cyst, too. My midwife didn't seem overly concerned about it, but wants to monitor it. After doing some research, I found that cysts during pregnancy are not uncommon and nothing to get too anxious about. Only 1% of women require surgical intervention during their pregnancy to remove the cyst. I wouldn't get too worried about it. I hope it goes away for you! Good luck!


Ashley - October 13

Hey, I had to respond to your question even though I am 21 weeks. I found out I had "a larger than normal" cyst on my left ovary at 6 weeks, too. It was 8 cm, that is nearly 3 inches in diameter! The u/s tec was concerned, my midwife was concerned, but we waited for 6 more weeks to do another u/s. At 12 weeks, it was still there, just at 7 cm. PTL, at least it was shrinking! Even though it was considered bigger than normal, I have experianced very little discomfort and am doing fine at 21 weeks. Personally, I think it's probably gone by now, or at least alot smaller (I haven't had another u/s). I have not felt it for along time - 2nd tri the uterus moves out of the pelvis and the cyst no longer has any pressure on it. At this point, we are not going to worry about it until the baby arrives. I think it messed with my head just knowing it was there, and alot of normal pains on my left side were attributed to the cyst, lol! I wouldn't panic about it yet. I don't think it is anything that threatens the baby, if it ruptures you might feel like you were dying for a few hours (I've had them rupture before as a teen) but it shouldn't hurt anything. When I heard it wasn't threatening to the baby I calmed down alot. I hope this helps! :)



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