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Kim - April 18

I am aproximately 50 pounds overweight and i am 6 weeks pregnant (not exactly sure to the day) I am having menstrul-like cramping but it seems to be only when i stand up or repostion myself ... is anyone having similar problems ?


D - April 18

Kim, call a doctor. It may only be due to the possibility of your abdominal muscles being out of shape that your uterus is stretching and bloating and causeing muscle pain. It is possible. Being over weight and pregnant is not a good combination. Your body will being to store fat in adition to what you have so talk to a doctor as soon as possible and get on an excersize program. Just stretching and walking can do wonders for weight gain, bloating, and help during labor. Good luck


RG - April 18

I too am overweight so I know your concern. I am healthy, but overweight (low BP, good cholesterol, good sugar, etc). I had some cramping around 5 to 7 weeks, but from speaking with my doctor it was just my uterus stretching. Don't worry, that's not good for either of you. People say that being overweight and pg is bad...but my doctor said if you get pregnant, then it's not bad...if your body allows you to get pregnant, then it's what is meant to be (we've tried over a 1 1/2 years. Just watch your sugar intake...that's the big thing because you will be at greater risk for gestational diabetees. Also on the cramping, mine went away around 8 or 9 weeks. No other symptons. Just keep thinking positive.


KC - April 18

Hey D since when were you the fat police. I am 12 weeks pregnant and overweight. I know it is not the ideal situation, however I am having a good pregnancy so far. In fact most overweight pregnant women don't really gain too much weight. I have not gained a pound yet. The doc says that is okay.


Amy - April 18

I am 14 weeks the only prob I have is spotting off and on the doc said it is normal because everything is out of shape and the added pressure


! - April 19

Amen KC! Just because we are overweight doesnt' mean we are not healthy and cannot have a baby! Kim don't worry, keep your chin up!


D - April 19

KC, I dont think I called anyone any names. Why so sensitive? I dont think I said anything about being unhealthy. I dont think I said anything about not being able to have children. If you will re look at the post it says to stretch and walk. How can that be bad? They tell all pregnant woman regardless of their BMI to do these things. By the way, my sister was on the heavier side. She had a lot of problems with her back and had back labor. She also had gallbladder problems and was told to watch her fat intake. Now, I love my sister and I even took walks with her when I could. It was fun. So, dont get deffensive. The post of this was "Overweight!!" Yah, way to go Kim to show your insecurity. Ask any doctor and they tell ALL woman to stretch and to walk. (unless they have complications that wont allow them too)


Dawn - April 19

I have the same symptons.


Kim - April 19

Was i showing insecurity ?


Amused - April 20

I just want to thank ya'll ... the entertainment here within these forums is so delightful that I have no need to watch my soaps anymore. These temperamental spats are as raw as they get.


C - April 20

I too am overweight, not extreme though. Before pregnant I was wearing size 14 or 16 - after already having 3 kids, I just never lost that weight! So here I am 12 weeks pregnant and have a belly that I hate and wondering if I will even start to look pregnant or just fatter!!?? I have not been craving much sweets, thank goodness but have been trying to walk and stay active. I am really concerned about my weight gain through this pregnancy because I don't want to be left heavier after this baby. I have even thought about joining a swim program for expecting women. And as for women being overweight and pregnant not being a good combination, since when was pregnancy only for skinny women????? Come on!! If your not overweight, then you have no idea what it is like!!! I used to be 125 lbs until I was 25 - so I have been the attractive woman that turned heads, and the now pretty but overweight woman. My suggestion is...to watch your portions...and be as active as you can....from one overweight woman to another!!


Annoyed - April 20

Oh forget it. No one said that being over weight was un attractive! No one said you couldnt have a baby if you were over weight. No one said any of that. You ask any doctor and they will tell women that are over weight that they need to walk and stretch. If you woman dont want to do it then dont but dont complain about being over weight then for Pete's sake. Dont walk around and complain and rant at someone who isnt. I dont think your weight is the problem I think it's your mental health. Forget it. You people are ridiculous


Kim - April 20

LOL ... Thanks Annoyed (D) !! First off, I am not, nor have i ever been 'insecure' about my weight. In fact, I am quite happy with myself AND the way I look. My husband is happy with my weight, I was this weight when we met and am the same weight 7 years later :) I was merely asking for some advice from anyone else out there in the same situation. I appreciate your comments and I didnt find anything about your FIRST posting offensive or rude, in fact I quite appreciated your comments, now I'm not sure if 'other' people were offended by what you said but I cant really see why. I was however offended by you implying that i am insecure about my weight !! That comment was entirely riddiculous ! I dont have a problem with being 'fat','obese','a porker' ... whatever you want to call it ... because I am secure with myself ! I thank everyone for their advice and comments but this board went in a completely differnt direction than what i intended. Good Luck ladies !


PP - April 20

I too am Pleasantly Plump- hence the PP. I have had no problems and have been watching my weight gain and monitoring everything and I have had a healthier pregnancy than my sister who runs and is in perfect shape. I am 27 weeks and I have gained 8 lbs. I feel good and have no signs of any problems.


RG - April 20

Kim--I'm with you, I'm not insecure about my weight and my hubby loves me for who I am. I'm with you...I would love to have thoughts and advise from other women who are overweight and pg just to chat with and compare stories. I hope my post helped you out a little bit. The cramping was a concern of mine around the 6 week mark. Good luck to you and any other woman who is overweight and pregnant (and ladies who are not). Maybe we can start a "Pregnant and Overweight Support Thread". If anyone is further along than my 10 weeks and is overweight, I'd love to hear from you about when you started to show, etc. This is a fun and exciting time...so lets enjoy it! :) Hugs to all!


KC - April 20

Okay girls, sorry I didn't mean to start WW3. I guess all of our harmones are raging. I do have PCOS and took me 2 years to concieve. The joy I have being pregnant right now is huge. I know every woman should do moderate excersise overweight or not. I am watching what I eat. I had pretty bad ms in the beginning so ironically I lost 10 lbs. I've stayed that weight for the last 4 weeks. I am currently starting my 13th week Thursday. I don't look pregnant yet but most don't seem to in the 1st trimester.


atl - April 30

I am about 70lbs overweight, I gained this weight with my first pregnancy, which I gave birth 4 months ago to, I got pregnant again after 2 months. Im about 10 weeks now. I was in my 120's before I got pregnant with my first. I really wanted to lose the weight before having another, but it didnt work out that way. Is it possible to get in shape while pregnant? One other question has anyone expirienced how compet_tive some women get about pregnancy, there is a girl I work with who looks like she has barely gained any weight and is in her 3rd trimester now, and I have women "mentioning" to me how she's doing so well with weight gain, can anyone relate?



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