Overweight And Pregnant

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Sue - October 11

Wondering if anyone else finds themselves in this position. I was overeight before I got pregnant, size 14 - 16, when I should be a 10 -12. I am about 8 weeks and I feel like my stomach is massive. I have heard that women who conceive while overweight gain minimal weight and barely show. What is your experience?


bump - October 12



Jennifer - October 12

Hi Sue, I weighed around 160 when I found out I was pregnant and wore a 12 to 14. I also stared to show pretty early, probably around 8 weeks also. It is true that you probably won't gain as much weight as the smaller girls. I only gained 1 pound in my first trimester and 7 in my second, I just hit my 3rd trimester a few weeks ago and I have gained 9 more pounds, I was concerned but my dr. said it is just my body's way of making up for not gaining much earlier. I'm still well below what many "skinny" women are weight wise. I guess that is a perk for us not so scrawney girls. My dr. told me not to be upset if I didn't gain a lot of weight. Looks like I will end up gaining the average 25-30 pounds. My best friend is also pregnant, she is farther along than me (I'm 31weeks) and she was the same size as me before getting pregnant, she has only gained 13 pounds at 34 weeks. As for barely showing that wasn't true for me, I showed early and have looked very pregnant the whole time, It is quite obvious that I am pregnant, You are not what I would call obese at a size 14-16 I think when they talk of women who are so large they do not show they mean women well over 200 pounds. In fact I have gotten many compliments throughout my pregnancy about how "cute" I Iook, or they say I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant. I never had trouble feeling my baby's movements or seeing him on ultrasound or any of those things they warn "larger" women will happen. In fact I felt his first movements around 16 weeks a little early. Another perk for us is you probably won't get stretch marks as bad or at all, because you won't gain as much weight, you will gain it more slowley, and (if your like me) you already have a little room in the tummy area. Those girls with tight, tiny little waist are going to have to stretch farther to accommodate baby. Stick with this forum, it has given me so much encouragement and support throughout my pregnancy, also I read many post from girls our size and larger who haven't gained much weight at all, and some who have even lost weight. Just eat healthy with some goodies every once in a while, you'll do great. To all you skinny girls out there, I think your beautiful, please do not feel that I'm skinny girl bashing, I just want Sue to know that there are some perks for us larger beautiful girls too. Good luck to all!!!


Baby#3 - October 12

I am overwieght and pregnant with baby #3. I have always been overweight. With my first baby I gained only about 15 lbs and I had a huge belly, With my second child I pooched out right away but unfortunelty I looked like I had gained 30 lbs instead of it looking like I was pregnant. It was suppose to be a happy time but I was so stressed over how big that I looked I couldn't be happy. Now I am 5 weeks along still overweight and feeling alone. All I ever see out there are cute pet_te hard body girls carrying there proud pregnant bellys. I have always envied that. But I know that it is not about me anymore it is about my unborn child. I have high blood pressure and my doctor wants me to only gain 20lbs through out the whole pregnancy. I am looking forward to a healthy and happy 3rd pregnancy, overweight or not.


Sue - October 12

Jenn, thanks so much for your post. I am over 200 lbs, but am also 5'11," nevertheless, I am overweight. I have my first dr.'s appointment tomorrow. Thus far I have not had any complications and I think everything is going well -- we'll confirm that tomorrow. Health wise I a great aside from high cholesterol which has actually lowered significantly since last year. As for Baby # 3 - I know how you feel, they have these itsy, bitsy clothes, I couldnt wear those even when I wasnt pregnant. Old Navy and H & M have really cute, trndy clothes and serve the Xl, XXl crowd -- good luck and best wishes!!!! I'll keep you posted.


Tess - October 18

Hi Sue! Im 180 lbs and 9 wks 4 days along. I would think Im a little overweight but I wouldnt consider myself "obesse". I actually lost 3 lbs right now (1st trimester) and Dr. said I shouldnt be worried its normal for those people who usually get morning sickness. I got my 1st ultrasound at around 6 wks 3 days saw my babys 1st picture and we saw the heartbeat as well. I am size 14-16 too but I dont see any problem w/ that. I feel proud that Im pregnant and I dont put too much attention about my weight but I know I should watch out too. I just wanted you to feel that you're not alone but don't feel bad that you're overweight.......be proud bcoz we're pregnant! good luck w/ your pregnacy and to all the ladies out there! :P


Valerie - October 18

Hi Sue. Im' overweight and pregnant too. I was doing weight watchers when I got pregnant for my 1st child, I had lost about 25 lbs and gotten down to 189. I showed a s lot, in fact at 7 1/2 months everyone was convinced I was going to drop the baby there and then! Right now, the ma__siveness you are feeling is probably due to gas and such, but soon you will start seeing a difference in how you buge out.I think I gained a total of 30-35 lbs with the 1st pregnancy. I got back on weight watcher and lost about 35 lbs getting down to 187, 16-18 for my 5"2 height. Unfortunately with the last baby my ma__s has been carried more in the stomach, so now I feel like the bloating and bulging is causing my stomach to loof fat instead of pregant. I'm 10-11 weeks along now. Give me another month and I won't fit my clothes anymore, and I have only gained 5-7 lbs. I think all in all whether or not you show a lot is based on your body shape more than anything. My 1st was top heavy, making a part of my belly that wasn't really overweight bulge a lot, enough that I though I was going to have twins! Now I'm waiting to how long it's going to be before I go from just looking fat to actually looking pregnant. I think I'll feel better once I think I look pregnant. It's a visual affirmation of the miracle growing inside. Don't worry so much about the weight. Try feeling the positive experience you are going through, it can be hard at times, but you don't want to feel like you missed out later on.



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