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J - May 4

I took two HPT last week both were positive. My first Doc appt isn't untill may 17th, but my first day of my last period was March 20th. I freaked out yesterday b/c I had light spotting which ended 2day. My Doc says it's normal and as lond as it dosen't get real heavy I'm o.k. I'm still in a state of shock b/c I was on the pill and took the test after I was a week and a half late. I really didn't think it was going to be positive I've never missed a pill. My husband has gone from not so happy to talking to my belly. I'm not as happy as everyone else though I'm not depressed either. My husband says it's because my hormones are all "wacked" out, I cryed watching a commerical.I 'm just confussed about what my body is going through and feel very overwhelmed. Is this going to get any better?????


B - May 5

Sounds like you are due right around Christmas. I am sorry you have to wait so long for your appt. I spotted for three days and now it is gone. Everything feels normal again. Is this your first? It is interesting that you got preggo on the pill...this baby is meant for you! I have to agree with your DH, your hormones are going to make you pretty crazy right now. Once your past the morning sickness, which could come any day now, so beware; you will be amazed at how your body becomes an orchestra. It helps to have a book to get you through the details. When that baby kicks for the first time you will wonder if what you felt was real and when it continues, you will know. When you get that first US you will probably cry and at that moment it will all become real to you. Congratulations and Blessings to you! Keep posting...a lot of us are reading and we care about what you are going through.


jessie - May 5

j - i hope it will get better. my hubby and i weren't planning for one either, but here we are! i've really had a struggle getting excited but from the support i've received and my husbands "readiness" i believe this is the time it was supposed to happen. unfortunately, i don't think the hormones being "wacked out" is going to get any better. good luck, anyway!


J - May 5

Thanks, I think it's getting better I haven't had morning sickness though. My Mom never did so I guess that's good. I just really want to get this doc. appt over with so I know everything is o.k. I have managed to scare all the girls I work with though when they found out I was on the pill. But at least they all know it can happen I'm that 1%.



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