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GUEST - January 9

My cycle is on average 42 days im confused about ovulation some people tell me its 14 days before im due but this can be hard to decide as i range from 38-45 days some people tell me its 1/2 way through my cylcle i have been off the pill for 1 year now and just need advice as its all soo confusing thanks


Becca - January 9

Hey there- well typically ovulation does occur 14 days before your period starts. But for a lot of women, that's not the case. Some women have what they call a luteal phase defect...I am one. I ovulate on day 18-20 of a 28 day cycle. It has been the cause of two miscarriages for me. One way of helping maintain a new pregnancy or help with ovulation is using progesterone suppositories...which I've been on for quite some time. I use an ovulation predictor kit (which is just like a home prengancy test)....then once I get my positive, I start the progesterone 2 days later..to ensure ovulation before starting. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and continuing them. Hope this helps.


guest - January 9

thanks for that i got to 45 days today and thought this is it , as my longest so far had been 43 days but then i came on today ..think im late because i have been stressing , everyone around me is pregnant x but i hope it will happen soon thanks for your advise


Hi Guest! - January 9

Have you looked into the Clearblue Fertility Monitor? They have a website and it might be able to help you to really pinpoint your peak days. Good luck.


guest s - January 9

no i havent whats that ? im leaving work now but i will log on tomorrow nay advice greatly needed ..cheers shelleyx


guest - January 11

the Clearblue Fertility Monitor? can u give me the details thanks x


Deb - January 11

If I were you, I would get opk strips from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. You can get a bulk amount (like 25 or 50) and they are pretty cheap. Then use them every day from about cd10 until you get a positive. Then you will know when you are ovulating and you will know around what day you ovulate for future months. They worked for me since my cycles were really irregular, ranging from 23 days to 33 days...try pinpointing ovulation when your cycles changes drastically every month! Hope this helps!



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