Pain And Pressure Normal

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vanessa - May 19

I called my doctor last night after I experienced a sensation that knocked the wind out of me. It was a slashing feeling in my very low pelvic area. Ever since then, it's been an annoying pressure feeling in my lower abdomin. My doctor assured me that as long as there was no spotting or bleeding and I wasn't unable to stand up from the pain, that I was ok and to rest. Anyone else have this feeling of extreme bloating and stretching? Is it really normal? I am almost 9 weeks. Thanks.


Kat - May 19

I had these same symptoms and the pressure and cramps can get very intense. I had to lie down flat with my legs elevated above my head for relief. If you start spotting, please get to a doctor. I didn't make it to the doctor in time and ended up miscarrying.


vanessa - May 19

So does this mean that I will have a miscarriage?


Ca__sie - May 19

Vanessa, I've never had a "slashing" feeling in my pelvic region, but I have had pressure and a dull pain down there... sometimes sharp when I stand up after sitting for a long time. I was also told not to worry as long as I can stand it and it doesn't stay. If the pain is consistant and unbearable, then go to the ER. You've already talked to your doctor about it, but if you're still nervous, be your own best advocate and talk to him again if you're really worried.


vanessa - May 19

Thanks ladies. I am going in for an appointment tomorrow to make sure everything is ok.


amie - May 19

hi i m also in the 9th week of preg, this morning my tummy felt pain below belly b___ton then i went to poo and pa__sed gases and felt like gases are really coming out from tummy evacuating it,(sorrry so gross) then the pain stopped, i guess it was gas, this is first time for me it hapened, if my tummy will hv pain again i will call tyhe doc, let us know what did ur doc say?


Kat - May 19

Every woman is different. You may just be having implantation bleeding and cramps. Or you could be cramping because your uterus could be expanding. Keep us posted. You are in my prayers.


vanessa - May 20

Hi ladies. I wanted everyone to know that the pain has subsided - without ever having any bleeding - so I will not be needing to visit my doctor today. I am relieved... thanks for all of the well wishes... I really appreciate it! :)



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