Pain In Left Side Only And Lower Back

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sheena - January 9

I am 5 weeks pregnant and i am having alot of lower back pain and pain in my left side.Is this normal?


carol23 - January 9

That's exactly what i'm feeling! I've been told it is the uterus stretching to make room for a healthy growing baby. Back pain is normal as well. Everyone i know who has a baby told me that this was one of the major pains they had in the begining. As long as the pain in your left side isn't sharp and accompanied by bleeding, you should be fine. My pain is mostly a pulling sensation, and sometimes feels like someone is putting pressure on my lower pelvic area. I'm also 5 weeks by the way.


michelle - January 9

hopefully its nothing but you should definitly talk to your doc about this. I was going through the same thing in october, i had pain for about 1 week, even went to the ER but i was only 5 weeks and they couldt see anything by ultrasound beacuse i was too early. i ended up starting to bleed a week later and had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. That was my 3rd miscarriage in about 1 1/2 years. I just found out im pregnant again. Im 6 weeks now and everything feels great so far. i dont mean to scare you but im just telling you about my personal experience. Everyone kept telling me it was normal to have pain, even the ER doctors told me not to worry unless i started bleeding. If you start to bleed get to the doc right away, dont wait. Good Luck and i hope everything works out for you.


Sheena - January 9

wow we have alot in common.You can email me at [email protected] have had no bleeding thank god i am so happy for that.That is exactly how my pain is and i was worried it is the worst when i sit.Thankyou so much for helping me!


Sheena - January 9

dont mean to be mean but you did scare me.


SaraD - January 10

I am having the same pain in my left side but mine feels like a burning pain.Is that what you are feeling?


To Sheena - January 10

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today and I've had back pain since I was 5 weeks. I had my first u/s and was told that the reason is because the baby is right up against my back. That might be whats happening to you. Good luck to you.


me - January 10

When I was at 5 weeks, I had cramping on only one side of my body and lower back pains. The cramping was so strong on only one side that I thought it was ectopic. I was completely wrong. However, go to the dr to make sure it is not ectopic and is indeed in your uterus. Once that i confirmed, I say yes it is normal. Good luck.


Sheena - January 13

I went to the doctor the baby is in my uterus so that is good to know.Here is what my pain is caused from i have a corpus luteum cyst.The doctor said this cyst is very normal that it produces a hormone for your body untill you can do it on your own and then it will shrink and go away,I am so relieved i have read about this an it seems to be normal.Has anyone else heard of this before?


lauren h - January 14

I have heard of that. I think I have the same thing. But my doctor thiks I'm going to miscarry cause of slow rising HCG levels. But if this cyst is sending out hormones then shouldn't that help my low hormones?


Amanda - January 16

In your left you mean your lower left side, as in closer to your bladder, or upper closer to your rib?


Amanda - January 16

Rib** sorry.


Ajh0517 - January 16

I have this pain currently but went to dr yesterday and they seem to think it might be ectopic... But they couldn't tell couldn't find an embryo or sac. I wasn't cramping and had no pain before last night... Worried it could be ectopic but would rather just miscarry than have ectopic. Seems odd to have pain in lower back left side tho.


Mommy2686 - September 17

I'm 8 weeks and I have a lot of back pain. Its like it there then its not. Then my pelvic seem like it hurts.  I was size 25 before I was pregnant now my belly is a 40in and so is my waits. My kid is going to be huge.. 



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