Pain On Mostly The Left Side

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r - January 7

In the past week or so I have been having a bit of cramping like pain mostly on my left side (about where the ovaries are). It almost feels like a pulling sensation or that the tubes are twisted or something…sorry I know this is not a good description. The last time I was at the doc's I forgot to bring this up. I'm 10we5d now and I’m wondering if this is normal or if I should make another appointment to have this checked out. I feel it mostly in the evening and I know that it’s not an ectopic pregnancy b/c my doc sent me in for an early altra sound last week and it seemed like things were fine(I had a m/c in Oct and wanted to know everything was okay with this one). Anyway, this pain has been bothering me and I’m wondering if anyone else has been feeling anything like this?


kashi - January 7

do you hurt or have a burning feeling when you urinate? that would be an indication of a bladder infect. if you don't have any pain urinating, then it is probably ligaments streching and preparing for your uterus to grow.


ann - January 7

r i have the same problem i will be 11w tomorrow 01/08/05. it really hurts so bad n i too feel that only during the evening times........... i had talked to my dr n he said that i was constipated real bad and that in the evening usally all the food that we eat durin the day gets collected till we get a nother bowel movement so thats why it mainly hurts in the evening u are gettin any crampin then make sure u call ur dr's office n my dr told me to use tylenol .....but make sure no more then 2 tabs per day


r - January 7

Thanks for your response Kashi & Ann. I don't have any pain urinating at all. I think it might be that ligaments streching (makes sense for the pulling sensation I have) or that it's the food i've been eating all day. I usually don't need to go to the bathroom 'till the morning and so that could be why as well. Thanks again for your answers - at least I know it's not just me and that it may be somewhat common.



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