Pain When Sneezing

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Trina - November 3

Does anyone else have a pain in the abdomen when they sneeze. It hurts when I sneeze and then when I stand up it feels like its stretching or something.


N - November 3

When i move certain ways i feel like it is stretching in my abdomen. I try not to arch my back too much, because i don't like that pulling feeling!


Julie - November 3

Ya know, now that you mention it, I kind of do........I have allergies so I sneeze all the time......mine hurts up higher though. I think the ligaments are getting looser around the uterus which might make them feel like they are Dr. told me to expect lots of pulling and twinging etc.


Trina - November 3

Thank goodness! I was a little worried. Didn't feel right...and I don't like that pulling feeling either! haha


Maria - November 3

It happened to me today too when I sneezed, I really think it's the pulling sensation. It only happens to me if I am sitting a certain way when I sneeze.


Tracy - November 3

Happened to me for the first time today too---and it really hurt. I was a little shocked and a bit worried but it sounds like it's not something out of the ordinary.


Kim - November 3

Yes me too! Sometimes it's just a strange tugging feeling, but when I sneeze or laugh hard I feel like I pulled something for a moment!


Tess - November 3

I have the same feeling too when I sneeze specially if Im sitting down or trying to scratch my back. The ladies are right.....Im guessing its probably the ligaments getting looser around the uterus. :P


HH - November 10

Thank God because I was worried, I feel the same way..I bet my husband that I have some loose organs in there :-)


Theresa - November 15

Yes I do. I hate it. I always get scared it hurts the baby because your stomach sucks in for a split second when you sneeze. Ever since I got pregnant I've been sneezing my head off but the pain only lasts for a few seconds afterwards.


January - April 5

I know this is an old post.. but why post a new one.. I sneezed last night and my right "groinlike" muscle hurt like hell.. it was sooooo painful.. lasted about 2 secs and then went away... didn't feel it at all the rest of the night.. but then when I got up this morning, I felt it.. kind of like a pulled muscle.. d__n, I don't wanna do that again! Anyone else?


Cerulean - April 5

I have felt the sharp pains when now I lean over kind of in the fetal position right before I sneeze and it makes it better. =)


crrodgers - April 5

HAHAHAH!!!!!! Tthat's funny.... I too get those muscle pains in my lower abdomen, like inbetween my leg and my belly! I never really thought that it was a bad thing cause it seems like it's all muscular. Good luck!


January - April 5

My first thought was omg, my ovary just exploded lol


countrymom - April 12

Count me in! Bad pains when i sneeze.Had since I was about 2 weeks pregnant. Have to stand up to sneeze. Painful for about 2 seconds only.


newmommy2b - April 17

I had that today. I was scared, but now I'm relieved. Thanks


terragreenland - June 11

I know this is older but if anyone is like me they may be looking it up. I don't want to be the downer here, but I had pains like that, and found out I had a tubal pregnancy and ended up losing the baby of course. And it's starting the same way again now. So if you're early in you pregnancy (first 8 weeks) be sure to have it checked for your own good please.



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