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citrouille - November 19

Hi, I'm 4 weeks pregnant (from conception) and I was wonderingif it is normal to have jabbing pains periodically down near my private parts? I am worried because I've had lots of signs of being pregnant + postive blood test and now I don't feel so pregnant.. help!


Lisa - November 20

I am 6 weeks pregnant (first time) and have the same jabbing pains intermittently above my public bone. I'm quite sure this is uterine stretching and nothing of any concern.


citrouille - November 21

Thanks for answering Lisa. Just one more question though, do you think it is normal to have had lots of signs and then for them to diminish so early in the pregnancy? I'm almost 5 weeks from conception. At first my b___sts were very sore and hard and now they've gone back to being soft and don't hurt anymore. I'm very worried that something has gone wrong!


estee - November 21

don' t worry. if you worry to much, then you cause yourself stress, which is not good for you or the baby. just remember that you are a woman, that you have a powerful body which knows hows to deal with your pregnancy. trust your body and give it time. give it time as much as it needs, and you'll be fine. just watch what you eat (eat healthy) and remember that before you so many women have gone through this, so you will also get through with it. just have confidence in your body and listen closely. you'll be fine. about the pains: i'm pretty sure it's just ligaments stretching. i am 16 weeks now and still have it and going to have it for a while still, i guess.


Lisa - November 21

I think every woman during their first trimester experiences a variety of different symtoms. My b___sts are still sore but not nearly as sore as they were last week. You haven't had any bleeding which is a good sign. What I suggest for your own piece of mind is to have a Hcg blood test and repeat in 1 week. If the hormone levels increase on the second test, it means you are still pregnant. Most OBGYN's won't see you until 8 weeks of pregnancy but if you call them and tell them your concerns, I'm sure they will see you right away. Miscarriages usually result in v____al beeding, I'm don't think you need to worry.


citrouille - November 22

bad news I think;. I've started to have some more cramping, like my period is coming on, and I've had some discharge stained with blood. I guess this is a bad sign?


Rachelle - November 22

First of all, I would recommend you to go to a doc and do all tests, he'll do a sonogramm as well, so you'll be rea__sured that all is fine. If this is your first pregnancy (like its mine) one Key Motto i was given: Better go and call the doc once too much than too little, thats what they're here for. Another thing try to relax as much as you can, and don't lift any heavy objects. Good Luck to you


citrouille - November 25

well bad news I guess, I've gone through a whole bunch of tests and running around to see various doctors. It seems that I'm having a miscarriage. My gyn was sure but thought it was a tubal so sent me for an emergency ultrasound. The ultrasound showed a sac with an embryon but which corresponded to 5 weeks since LMP whereas I was supposed to be 7. He seemed more optimistic and said it was possible that I in fact had two eggs and that the bleeding was because I was losing one. I don't know what to think, but I've prepared myself for the worst. My hcg levels are at 2.292 which would also be 5 weeks! I'm afraid it is just that my pregnancy stopped two weeks ago. This is my first pregnancy and I'm just devastated. I'm supposed to check my hcg levels again in a couple of days, so I guess I'll know for sure then. I think this is truly the hardest, saddest thing I've ever been through. Has anyone had period-like bleeding and cramping and then continued on with a pregnancy??


W - November 25

Yes it is ok, so long that it is not accompanied by some bleeding then i wouldnt worry too much, read my q that i put (mild pains....). I still getting the pains and jabbing pains down below. Good luck x


W - November 25

Sorry I didnt read ur up to date comments, i will pray for and hope u will be fine, I have heard of people bleeding and still having their full pregnancy, but that's just a comment as i dont want to build ur hopes up. Good Luck and sorry once again x


citrouille - November 25

Well just to let everyone know, I did in fact have a miscarriage. It is a very sad time for me.. I wish everyone else the best and hopefully I'll get pregnant again soon!



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