Paranoid About An Ectopic

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Nell143 - May 22

I know I may be blowing this outta portion but I really think that my baby is ectopic. I have this faint pressure on my left side and it will give me a sudden pain not agonizing but enough for me to take notice. I am 6 weeks. I really want this baby. This is my first pregnancy so I don't really know what to expect. It is kind of like when you ovulate. I mentioned it to my Nurse Practicioner and she said it was nothing to worry about but I still can't help but worry. I want a healthy baby but I also want to have both of my tubes intact.


Nell143 - May 22

proportion* lol


emilymalm - May 22

I had this, but it was on my right side. The nurse practioner I asked about said it was probably a corpus luteum cyst, which is actually quite common in pregnant woman. It went away in my 8th week, but it did scare me. It was a little uncomfortable, but if I pressed on the area, I didn't experience a bunch of pain, which is what I read would happen with an ectopic. I've read that ectopic pregnancies are horribly painful. If you're in a lot of pain, get it checked out. Hang in there. I'm 19 weeks now and everything is going well. Hang in there. You'll probably just fine.


Nell143 - May 23

Well last night at about 8:30ish I start having this horrid pain in my left side of my abdomin. I could barely walk it hurt so bad. I was crying hysterically so Mike rushes me to the ER. First thing I thought it was was a ectopic pregnancy or something to that nature. They took blood made me pee in a cup and did an ultra sound. The nurse who did my ultra sound was very sweet and even though she wasn't suppose to she let me see it. I saw my baby right where it was suppose to be. I saw its little heart beating and then she let me hear it's heartbeat. I fell in love. It was the most adorable little thing EVER!!! It really upset me that Mike couldn't see our baby for the first time with me. But atleast I knew the baby was ok. SO then we waited for like 2-3 hours to be called to do paper work then finally they took me back to see a doctor. She then did a pelvic exam and they concluded that I had a bacterial infection and prescribed me some antibiotics. By this time the pain was gone and I was feeling exhausted but much better. I am just so very greatful that our baby is right where it is suppose to be and that I was able to see it and it's little heart beat. I am in love. I can't wait for mike to see. He will fall as deep as I did.



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