Partner Driving Me Crazy

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ChattyKathy - January 11

I know its all a part of pregnancy, but my partner makes me so frustrated sometimes. Sometimes he'll say something, nothing really, and I'll snap at him before laughing and appologizing. Those times I am thankful he puts up with me because this baby is making me MEAN. But then there are those other times when what he says makes me SO frustrated with him that I'll fuss at him and then not talk to him for a while. Sigh... Anyone else?


Tammy276 - January 11

I am 29 weeks and am still that way!!! I get frustrated so easily, especially with having a 2 year old to take after and now I am getting so uncomfortable, it is hard for me to do things and my dh just doesn't understand how miserable and tired I am!!! It was really bad in the beginning, I would snap for no reason...then it got better....and now it is getting bad again...Thank goodness I only have 11 more weeks left!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 11

lately i've been snapping at everyone! my poor husband takes the brunt of it and last night he yelled at me to stop nagging at him at least i'm aware of it now. but i snapped at 2 people at work tonight and that is so not cool of me! these darn hormones!


Kime - January 12

Ya girls i know how you feel. I am so mean right now and especially to my husband. It has gotten so bad that he has actually gotten his own apartment until i have the baby, b/c i can't live with him right now. I have gotten 10 times better now that im in my second trimster but in my first i was a real devil. I think it was just stress and timing. I conceived my child 3 days after my wedding, and it was not planned that way, we were shocked. But ya i would go days without saying a word to him, but now we are just fine.


lawlady72 - January 12

I just had a major hissy fit at work, cussing to myself and saying "I should just grab my bag and go home!!!" Ugh, I hate this, it's like PMS X10. I actually stayed up to 2am last night cause I was aggrivated at my DH, I just satyed up and stewed about it. Then when morning came I almost forgot why I was mad. Almost. LOL


MamiAgain - January 12

Are you kidding me? I am the same exact way or maybe worse, lol! Sometimes I ask myself how can I be with someone like him and think of leaving! He seems to be inconsiderate and lacking compa__sion. The thing is though, he hasn't changed. I've loved him for three years and still do, but he's annoying the hec out of me and really making me angry (most the time through no fault of his own)!!! I'm so hoping this hormonal rage ends soon because it's starting to affect us.



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