Peanut Butter

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jen d. - January 26

hi...full of questions today! i am 9 weeks pregnant and have been indulging in peanut butter. i've always like it, these days i LOVE it! but a friend told me that she heard on Oprah that peanut butter is not recomended for pregnant women because of the risk of allergy in the baby. Is this true? has anyone else heard this?


cathy - January 26

i heard that if you or the father are allegric to stay away, but if you have no side effects it is ok. pb is a great source of protien.


Nikki - January 26

god i hope it isn't bad, I have really been shoveling it these past 3 weeks, I can't get enough of it. I a__sumed it was good for me & baby! Maybe if the mother had an allergy to the peanut b___ter it could be pa__sed on to the fetus...


E - January 26

You run a higher risk of pa__sing a peanut allergy on to your baby if you suffer from ANY type of allergy, seasonal, food, dander... It is not a high risk but the reason that many suggest you avoid peanuts, specifically peanuts, is due to the deadly nature of the allergy. Peanut allergies are not to be taken lightly and children afflicted with this type of allergy find themeselves exposed to peanuts in a variety of foods, and environments, which can be difficult to control. The smell alone can be enough to trigger an attack. You will be forced to carry and epinephrine (adrenaline) needle around for the rest of the child's life, if they have a PA. Not fun. I hope I have been of some help with this matter. I see this question posted often and there is much misinformation about the dangers of peanuts.


E - January 26

Oh, you can get protein from many other safe sources. Why choose PB as your main source if you can help it? I know cravings make us lose our minds but if you are truly concerned and feel that you may be at risk for pa__sing this on, ... Cashews, almonds, and the like are safe.


stacey - January 27

I didn't eat pb until I asked my dr if it was ok, especially b/c I have allergies and ecemea. He said it's fine to eat, and really doesn't cause food allergies.


lilmama - January 27

I dont think so, because the wic program gives it to me because i am pregnant, if it was a concern they would not



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