People Here Are So Much Nicer

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Gigi - March 22

I think getting preggers makes you wiser :) I was just surfing the general pregnancy board and the pregnancy questions one and the women there are much less informed and they are mean to each other. I like it here. You are all so sweet and nice. Thank you. I am new to this site, and I am not preggo yet, but hoping to be soon :) So I will come back when I am preggo so I can be on this board. Bye.


:-) - March 23

Not that you will need it, Gigi, but if you want nice, empathetic and caring girls, have a look at the pregnancy loss/miscarriage board. If pregnancy makes you wiser, then losing a pregnancy makes you humble!


Gigi - March 23

I was there last year, :-). I agree with you, they are loving and amazing, but it is also very sad and painful to me. I like it here, it is happy and upbeat and everyone makes sense. Thanks for the response.


:-) - March 23

I'm sorry, Gigi, I didn't realise :-(. It's ironic - you felt pain on the miscarriage page, whereas I felt pain the first time I came to 1st trimester after my miscarriage - just wasn't ready for all the happy people, but you are right - they are nicer here than on some of the other boards!! I'm not pregnant again yet (happened in January) but trying hard ;-). Hopefully we'll both be here legitimately very soon. Good luck good luck good luck!!!


Mary - March 23

Gigi and :-), I was in the same situation as you two - I had a long slow miscarriage in November and the other board helped me so very much. I am now 8 weeks preggo and I am here sharing the joys and fears with women on this board - you will soon be too, have no doubt about it. Regarding the general pregnancy boards, there are some mean ladies there who think they are right and righteous, some so called long time users - and they give wrong advise, not maliciously, and they are true meanies if you try to tell them they are giving wrong advice. I try to stay clear of those wrotten apples - besides that, those boards are great, too.


:-) - March 24

Thank you, Mary. I'm sure I speak for Gigi too when I say we look forward to sharing good news with you soon. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!



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