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trancy - January 14

I'm confused!! My period was 17 days late, but on that 17th day, I started a little spotting. That lasted for about a day then went from spotting to a light period. The next day it was to heavy for a panty liner. I have been bleeding a little for 3 days now, but its not as heavy as it would be if it was my regular period starting. And the weird thing is, I almost ALWAYZ get bad...bad cramps when I have my menstral cycle. Maybe some of this info will help: I'm 26 period has only been up to 4 days later before ...I have had 1 m/c when I was 18 ...the 2 hpt I took came out NEG. I talked to my Mom about it & she said maybe I'm like her with her 1st pregnancy...when she 1st got preg with me, she missed her period, took a hpt came up neg. went to the Dr. to take a test, neg. so the Dr. did a blood test which still came up neg.! So she ended up being 3 months preg with me before ANY test came up pos.!! I dunno what to think !! I know I didnt really ask any questions but I just need some advice / past experiences. Thank u all, & good luck.


Jenny - January 15

Every woman is different, so it's best to go to a doctor.


Brenda S. - January 16

Just hang in there & watch the things you do, incase you are in fact pregnant. It's always better to be careful than careless when it comes to having a baby. I'm sure you will know soon. Have you tried going to a dr? Good luck to you Trancy.


trancy - January 18

No, I haven't went to the Dr. yet. I'm in the process of finding one I wanna go to. But every thing is still about the same. I have had a little more spotting from time to time, but nothing that seems really serious/dangerous. But thanks for the info.


mommie2be - January 18

My dear friend continued to have her period during her 1st pregnancy- all nine months. I would see a doctor asap, and definitely tell them of your mother's history. Best wishes to you!



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