Period In First Trimester

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sunny - October 9

is it normal to have your period in the first trimester and still have a normal pregnancy??? it only lasts a few days 3 or 4 at the most. has any one had there period during there pregnancy and still have a normal pregnancy???


becky - October 9

hey last month i had the same problem i told my pregnant friends about it in they told me i may have experience implantation bleeding (where the baby cell connects to the wall)...u can im meif u like at sweetgirl49022


Shelly - October 11

hi, i am 4 months and im still having my periods. my pregnancy is weird though because i do not have symptoms like sore b___sts or anything. if it wasent for my stomach popping out only at night as if i were pregnant i never would have knew i was but hey.... i am


Shay - October 18

Shelly how did you finally know to go and get a test if you had no symtoms and periods. cause i have the same problem but i have symtoms and periods.


Tammy - October 18

With my first child I had my period for 2 month till I was 8 week pregnant and then it stopped. I know someone that had their period the whole 9 months!


shay - October 26

I'm just worried that i might be going crazy. My stomach is qrowing, and my headaches and nausea are always present but I've had my periods. I just don't want to overreact. But i know something is up.


sbn - October 30

I've question on similar lines .. my wife is going through the same thing for last 4 months .. she has period (if you will) it lasts for about 2 days max with very little flow, rather spots (as described by her) .. but, her tummy is protruding so, being little over-anxious... i got her urine test and blood test but the results are negative.. Now, would like to know should i ask the poor thing to go thru any other tests or just give-up .. the doc's are saying she's not preg. based on the urine/blood test .. but, i don't want to take any undue risk .. would appreciate sincere response


Dear SBN - November 1

This can def. be an emotional and hard time and indeed a hard time to try to figure out. I would ask your dear wife to try to stay away from any "drugs" (advil,midol, use ony Tylenol),no alchohol,smoking etc....I have been in this exact same position now for almost two months... where my body/symptoms,stomache/ etc say Yes, but "bleeding/spotting" and tests say no.... what I have learned is "Usually" the body/women knows best and to wait it out awhile and see...and this is HARD !! I know.......Just encourage her without telling her she Def. "IS "preg. because if she "is not" in the end, that will be worse to handle then finding out she indeed "Is"...hang in there, you sound like you care alot and will do a great job supporting her..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!


jodi - November 2

if i had my period on the 18th of october when can i find out i'm pregnant


Sara - November 18

Any of you that have periods during your pregnancy have clotting and cramps? I'm 7 weeks almost 8 pregnant and the doctor said it is normal but its a regular period-bad cramps(mine were always bad) and of course clotting....anyone else experience this? If so I would love to hear about it.....I'm just worried!



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