Personality Change Due To Pregnancy

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Britney - December 4

Please help. I have a realy good friend at work. We've been close friends for about 3 years. Always sitting together at breaks, more often having a laugh and also discussing more serious issues about friends and family. Now after being pregnant for 4 months she has changed dramatically. We sit on the same table at break but she talks around me to other people on other tables. She has a laugh and is jolly with everyone else but me. She used to tell me everything no matter how small but now I hear her telling other people things and she literally tells me nothing. When I talk to her she just snaps back all the time. If I try to have a joke she just kills it dead yet if someone else says something similar she has a good laugh with them. I've questioned her if it's her hormones to which she got angry and stressed. She says she's not being any different with me. Is the pregnancy causing this ? Will my friend return to normal ? Will she ever realise how horrible she's being ? I now hate my breaktimes, I'm scared to talk since whatever I say gets thrown back. I told her on one break I was going to spend it on my own since she looked like she wanted leaving alone to which she flipped out saying she hadn't said anything or done anything to upset me. What on earth do I do It's getting me realy down. I was going to keep in touch when she leaves to have the baby but at the moment I'll be glad when she's gone. Everyone at work knows how close friends we are, only a few can see what is happening. They're all going to be asking me how she is when she's on maternity leave forcing me to keep in touch yet I dread the thought of phoneing or going round now. Any help would be a relief. Thankyou.


Mstrchips - August 24

Britney. I can't believe what I just read. I am going through exactly what you wrote about. I am so sad cause I think I've list one of my best friends. Please would you reply and tell me what ended up happening. Did you two ever get past it? Was it the pregnancy causing it?



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