Petite And Looks Very Pregnant

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flipthea - February 7

Hi. I'm only 12 weeks but really look like pregnant now. Pants don't fit anymore. I used to weigh 95 lbs. I've been gaining weight. I can't believe how big my belly is's so obvious. I don't mind though, I'm excited. Is anyone else short and pet_te and showing already? I thought normally it's not til 4 or 5 months.


ginger6363 - February 7

I am pet_te (5'0'') and at 9wks I am showing already (although I must admit I think it's more bloat than baby)--but nevertheless, I am out of all my prepreg pants!


debbie80 - February 7

Flipthea- I am 5.1 and 105lbs so yes I am very short and pet_te. I will be 11 weeks on Friday so you and I are pretty close together on our due dates. I know what you mean about how you are already showing....when I was around 9 weeks, I noticed a small little belly starting to take I know its not the baby making our belly big...I think its more bloated than anything. I read that pet_te people show alot more easier than someone who is not pet_te. I think its so cute one at my work really knows so after I eat lunch, I will put my jacket on to cover my plus I live in Chicago and our office is always cold so no one really suspects we should keep in touch =)


ChattyKathy - February 7

I'm 5'0 and 103lbs. I look about (haha... I was going to say 4 months along, but I almost am!) I guess 6 months or so. Most of it is bloating. For me, I ballooned at 6 weeks and although its not horrible, it definitely has not gone away yet. It'll get better, so I hear. But secretly... it does make me happy knowing that I can be all bloated and not worry about sucking it in! I pretend its ALL baby =)


Whisper - February 7

I'm 5'1" and already having to buy bigger pants cause my belly is all bloated out and look a lot more pregnant than I am lol. I'm just 7 wks 3 days. Everyone thinks I'm imagining things till they see for themself, I'm definitely getting bigger already.


lovestruckjsw - February 7

I'm 5' 7" and 120 lbs and I am just starting to show just a lil bit at 12.5 weeks.


flipthea - February 8

I've been looking for bella band so I can keep wearing my regular pants. I had to order them fr a maternity store but after 3 weeks, still nothing. I can hardly wear any of my old clothes, athough I'm only 12 wks. I'm 5'0 and used to weigh 95...I've gained more now. I'm more like 104. Debbie80---yes we should definitely keep in touch! I am originally fr MIchigan but my husband and I just recently moved to Kentucky. Pls. keep in touch and tell me how ur pregnancy is coming along. :-)


debbie80 - February 8

flipthea- my pregnancy journey has taken a lot out of me. I got married a little bit over 2 years ago. DH and I wanted to start trying right away. After 8 months of trying, we became pregnant but I had a m/c early on. Then after anothe year of trying, we became pregnant again. This pregnacy I sure thought was going to be one, but it was not, I lost the baby at 9 weeks and had d&c. Well five months later, here we are again pregnant. We found out on Christmas and I told my DH this has to be our miracle baby...what baby day to find out you are expecting than this day. I had some major bleeding during the first 3 weeks. I thought it was over once again for us but we went in at 6 weeks and saw the baby and a heart beat of 117. The dr said we are off to a good start but would like to see the heart beat go up. So we were scheduled to come back one week later. Let me tell ya....that was the longest week I ever had to wait for. At first we go in there and tech did a u/s on my stomach and said she could not hear the heart beat and she would like to do an internal u/s. When she left the room I almost started to cry because I thought its over..but as soon as she did the internal one, we saw the baby right away and with a strong heart beat of 150! The doctor said that is great news and things are progressing just fine for us and that she will see me at my 12 week appointment. Well next Thursday is my 12 week appointment and let me tell ya...I am going to be a nervous wreck. I have any a lot of symptoms so I know thats a good thing but now they are slowly disappearing..which I hear is normal once you start getting closer to the 2nd trimester...I just pray that is what it is and nothing else. Have you had your 12 week appointment yet? If so, what did they do??


diem - February 8

Hey ladies. I'm only 4 weeks along....but I wanted to join you because I'm pet_te. I'm 5 foot 103. I'm very curious to see how my body will handle a pregnancy. I'm only a bit bloated but I'm sure there is a lot more of that to come!


flipthea - February 8

Debbie80 - hi there again. My 12 wk prenatal was yesterday - went well, heard the baby's heartbeat for the 3rd time. It's our 1st baby and although I didn't have a hard time getting pregnant, I've been through a lot lately too. I had heavy bleeding due to a clot that caused me to miss a lot of work and also be put on modified rest. That started end of Jan. 07. Initially my boss was very sympathetic and said he'll work w/ me. Well today I was supp. to meet w/ him re my maternity leave. It was not --actually he told me I could lose my job. He said I"m a liability and he doesn't think I can peform my job duties as an ultrasound tech due to the restrictions. MY ob restricted me from lifting more than 15 lbs and also fr. traveling more than 25 miles. That's hard bec. my work is a vascular mobile lab and we travel out of town each day! I'm missing a lot of money now, I've been home for almost 3 weeks. I'm supp. to go back to work on Feb. 19 but my boss won't let me until he gets an 8 page doc_ment detailing my job description to be signed by my OB/GYN. I'm devastated by this and I can't afford not to work. I don't know what to do. Did u have problems like this at work? Do they give u a hard time? I can work as long as someone can help me lift the equipment and there's always 4 other people there that travel with me-- I don't see what the big deal is. I feel like it's so unfair. I hope ur appt next week goes well. THe OB will prob listen to the heartbeat through a handheld doppler machine. God bless and keep in touch. U can email me at my regular email. Don't know if it shows it in my profile. Take care.


flipthea - February 8

Hi Diem. Congratulations! Enjoy the ride.


debbie80 - February 8

Hey flip- it almost sounds like you are being discriminated due to you being pregnant and you know that is against the law!! I would do some research on that one, sounds like your boss is a real a** my job is very different from yours. I actually work in the wedding industry. My job does require me to travel to my trade shows but that is only a few times a year. I am heading to NY in April to meet my clients. My boss is pretty cool about everything...she has seen me go through my struggles of pregnancy so now that is finally going good, she is understanding. My trade shows are usually 12 my doctor has already told me my lifting the gowns or anything...and trust me those satin gowns are heavy!! lol...seems like you and I have had very simular experiences during this first trimester. Where you nervous when you went in for your 12 week u/s. I know that we have heard the heart beat twice, once at 6 weeks at 117 and then at 7 weeks at next week is the big one...I just pray that everything is good with this little one. How are your symptoms..have they left you now since you are in the second trimester??


diem - February 8

Thanks Flip! I also think you are being discriminated against. Are they allowed to do that??? Is there someone above him that you can talk to?


flipthea - February 8

HI Debbie80 -- since I've been staying home I'm bored (so I keep going online)although I should be studying for my board exams! I feel like it's discrimination too but he kept saying he's concerned for me and the baby's safety. Yesterday for the 12 week appt I wasn't nervous. I was nervous 2 1/2 weeks ago when I had to go 2 the ER(in Indiana bec. I was there for my job). But at the ER when the u/s was done, the baby was there and he/she was actually very active! The heartbeat was 185 at 10 weeks. Yesterday, we heard the heartbeat but bec. it was done thru a handheld doppler, u can't tell the heart rate. I can tell that it was very good though. Probably around 171. About my symptoms. Well, I still have nausea. Off and on. It was so bad around 7,8, 9. 10 weeks! Oh my I missed a lot of work, plus I had some bleeding at that time. I've noticed I've been getting really bad headaches too, my heart beats very fast at times also. My face breaks out, although it seems to be easing up now. Smells seem to have been magnified! So many smells bother me right now. Plus I've got so many cravings and my poor husband has to get every food that I crave for :-). I also have leg cramps and lower back pain. Oh yeah and heartburn sometimes at night. A long list! I have noticed that I'm not so tired as before. How about u? Are u having these symptoms too? About the lifting. I'm the same. No lifting over 15 lbs.


debbie80 - February 8

Hi Diem- congrats on your BFP!! Just try and take it easy and make sure you make an appointment with your obgyn asap. Flip-yea I have been having those simular symptoms. I had nasuea off and off with puking- for a whole week straight I couldnt keep my breakfast down so I had to switch to eating pop tarts and so far my morning sickness has stopped. Like I said before, I do get a little queasy every now and then but no where near what I had before. I have been getting some headaches-I had a killer headache yesterday at work...I know what you mean about your heart beating faster and being out of breath. I barely walk up my stairs and I am huffing and puffing...I really havent had to many leg cramps and nor the whole smell thing. I havent really noticed to many changes in my bbs either...they are just a tad fuller and I have some blue veins around them...kind of weird looking...but they have never been sore or anything. I was wondering what the rate of a m/c is after you hear the heart beat twice... I am such a worry wart....I know that things should be fine with my little bean but you just never know....I am always a nervous wreck when I have to go to the doctors... I am always shaking when I have my ultraound done because I am afraid of what the outcome is or what the tech might say to me...hopefully those nerves can start to go away after my 12 week appointment... I am just glad to make it this this your first? Oh yea about your work, your boss is just saying that he is concerned for you and your baby...he cant legal discriminate you against being pregnant....I had my boss ask me if I am planning come to work after I have the baby and I said I am planning on it but I can not guarantee it and by the way, your not allowd to ask that question....then they can have a reason to let you saying or shes not here because she is sick all the time or she needs time off..blah blah know what I mean. Since you are at home, I would seriously try to google something about it and just have it as a back the way...instead of me calling you flip, how about a name and age? As you know I am debbie, 26 chicago.


flipthea - February 9

HI Debbie. Since u asked, name is Thea and 28. I feel better today than yesterday. I just got a call fr. my ob's a__sistant and she said that the paperwork for my job has been faxed. I guess the doctor okayed for me to lift 25 lbs now? Do u think that's ok? BTW what's BFP? I keep seeing it in the forums but not sure what that stands for? BBS I guess I can figure that one out :-). I noticed that I already moved 3 izes. Can't wear the regular bras anymore. I've gone from 32 to 38! I got sports bras, they feel better than those regular bras with wires and paddings---about work, I'm waiting 4 my boss to call me....i probably will be back then on Feb 19th. I don't know, maybe i should start looking for another job though. The issue is that I have a contract w/ my employer and I might have to pay him back the relocation money he gave me when I moved here to KY from MI. I miss Michigan, being far fr my parents,friends, colleagues. I bet ur excited about ur appt. Just take it easy, it will all be fine. I think it's ok to be nervous. If everything is doing well, they might not do an ultrasound that day on u. Usually insurance will only pay it if it's necessary. But it u want to have one, they won't deny u though. I can do an ultrasound on me at my job, but i won't advise doing it too much bec. they still haven't studied all the effects of ultrasound. Also in school we learned that the ultrasound can heat the amniotic fluid and also can cause bubbles in the babies brain. I think it's safe but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I didn't have one last Wed. Anyway, is this ur first? It's my first....can't wait 2 find out if it's a boy or girl. What about u, do u want to know?


debbie80 - February 9

Hey Thea- BFP means Big Fat it took me a while to figure out all these little words myself. Ugh, I am so jealous that your bbs have grown so much!! Mine really havent at all....I guess I might be a late so do you have any plans for this weekend? I am just planning on staying in and relaxing...last weekend was kind of hetic with family here and my super bowl it wil be nice to have some peace and quiet. I am really surprised that your doctor apporved you to lift 24lbs? That seems like a lot and I would not do that. Just remember just becaus the doctor okayed it, doesnt mean that it couldnt affect anything..I dont know, thats just my opinion. I do not even lift a whole basket of laundry if its to heavy...I just dont want to chance anything happening to myself or my little bean. I am very nervous to go to my doctors. She said that they will give me my 12 week ultrasound to make sure everything is progressing and I think to check for ds?? Not to sure until I get there....I just pray that if I have heard the heart beat twice that there should be no reason for it not to be there once again right? I hate the fact that I have had two m/ totally affects how you should be feeling during pregnancy. I know some women are just so happy and excited about it and then theres little mean who is so afraid to tell anyone because of the fear of losing just seems to good to be true...I am going to try and not stress anymore about it and just say its out of my hands and whatever happens, happens. If I were you, I would start looking for another just seems like your boss had a different view on you now.. I dont know, thats how I view it...anyways, I need to get back to work now....time to sell these wedding talk to you soon.



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