Petite And Looks Very Pregnant

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debbie80 - February 9

Hey Thea- BFP means Big Fat it took me a while to figure out all these little words myself. Ugh, I am so jealous that your bbs have grown so much!! Mine really havent at all....I guess I might be a late so do you have any plans for this weekend? I am just planning on staying in and relaxing...last weekend was kind of hetic with family here and my super bowl it wil be nice to have some peace and quiet. I am really surprised that your doctor apporved you to lift 24lbs? That seems like a lot and I would not do that. Just remember just becaus the doctor okayed it, doesnt mean that it couldnt affect anything..I dont know, thats just my opinion. I do not even lift a whole basket of laundry if its to heavy...I just dont want to chance anything happening to myself or my little bean. I am very nervous to go to my doctors. She said that they will give me my 12 week ultrasound to make sure everything is progressing and I think to check for ds?? Not to sure until I get there....I just pray that if I have heard the heart beat twice that there should be no reason for it not to be there once again right? I hate the fact that I have had two m/ totally affects how you should be feeling during pregnancy. I know some women are just so happy and excited about it and then theres little mean who is so afraid to tell anyone because of the fear of losing just seems to good to be true...I am going to try and not stress anymore about it and just say its out of my hands and whatever happens, happens. If I were you, I would start looking for another just seems like your boss had a different view on you now.. I dont know, thats how I view it...anyways, I need to get back to work now....time to sell these wedding talk to you soon.


flipthea - February 9

Hi again Debbie--well I heard I'll be back 2 work on Feb. 19. Still concerned about the lifting though. I think the doctor forgot how small I am and how much I weigh. I'm praying my co-workers will be more understanding and help me more. Nothing planned 4 this weekend. Usually I hang out w/ my sister. My hubby works during weekends so I'm either alone or my sister comes over.She had a super bowl party last week, and of course me being pregnant I fell asleep(by the 2nd quarter). Usually once u hear the baby's heartbeat esp. 10 wks and after, it's a good chance u will carry the baby. So be encouraged. BBs---they hurt like heck! They're big and heavy, i like how it looks but like i said they hurt. Take care!


debbie80 - February 9 of our clients from Utah came to visit our facility and she is very pet_tie like us and just a little bit taller and she is 4.5 months prego and she hardly has a bump!! I showed her mine and I said I am only 3 months! We just laughed..its funny how some of us can pop out right away and others do not start to show until like 6 months or so.... I think your co-workers will understand if you can not lift things...especially if they are women who have had kids before... Regarding the whole heart beat thing...if I have heard it at 6 weeks and then at 7 weeks it was stronger, wouldnt I have a good chance of having it still be there? I mean I can see if the tech never heard a heart beat or if I was measuring to small, but at least my last 7 week appiontment everything was all I am going to keep thinking positve that things are just fine...did your doctor say when you will find out the s_x of the baby? I have to wait until my 20 week... our client that was here found out at 16 weeks...I swear if she didnt tell me she was prego I would have no anyways...I hope you have a good weekend and hopefully we will get some more BFP on here soon!! I am sure I will talk to you over the weekend....back to work now for 30 more minutes...ugh this has been such a long day for me. Talk to ya soon =)


flipthea - February 10

Hi Debbie80 - how's ur weekend? I was just home watching TV all day. I should have been studying for my boards but there were too many good shows on cable! So Monday is ur next appt? Let me know. I'm sure all will be well with the baby, try to relax. I'll be praying 4 u and the little one. I'm gonna try to look (at work)when I'm 16 weeks bec. my next ultrasound at the OB isn't til 20th week and I really want to know now if it's a boy or a girl! I already have lots of baby clothes, mostly clothes that my sis bought. She's so excited to be an aunt. Hope ur having a nice & relaxing weekend.


flipthea - February 10

Hi Diem...sorry i missed ur post. I just basically let the situation go w/ my work. I'm not worrying anymore. I trust God all is working out for my benefit. But thank u for the input. I had thought about discrimination at first. Hope ur pregnancy is going well!


debbie80 - February 12

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was okay, didnt really do to much at was actually kind of nice to just lay there and relax. Hey Thea- have you been getting any kind of pain in your lower ab? I read about this and I guess it is your uterus stretching or something? Also, lately I have been getting really bad gas pains...tmi I know sorry..just wanted to know if anyone else is going through this around 11-12 weeks prego?


flipthea - February 12

Hi Debbie. I get pain in the lower left area where the stomach lies. I do have gas. Feel like I have to burp all the time. It's normal :-). So was today ur prenatal appt? How did it go?


debbie80 - February 13

Hey Thea- my appointment isnt until Thursday night. I am just so nervous about it.... I have been trying to think positive but its hard to. I havent really been feeling prego at all? This kind of has me concerned right now...loss of symptoms?? Have you had this? I am just super tired all the time...I have no more m/s at all..which I think is a good thing..I dont know, I am just feeling down until I know things are okay...I am such a worry wart- I just dont want to get all excited and then go in there hearing the that is why I am going in there prepared for what ever news may come...


flipthea - February 14

Debbie. I thought ur appt was Monday, I pray all is well with ur baby and yourself. Are u saying u don't have any symptoms at all? I'm not really nauseated anymore, except when I take the prenatal, that still makes me gag. I'm also feeling better but now no more m/s I have other symptoms. Some dissapeared but new ones appeared. I have a little more energy now too. Today I'm actually 13 weeks so I think I'm gonna start posting in the 2nd trimester forum. We should keep in touch though. Let me know how ur appt. goes. Try to stay positive.


debbie80 - February 14

Its not that all my symtpoms have stopped, just pretty much no more m/s. I didnt really have to many symptoms to begin with, just being tired all the time which I still am and thank god my m/s and stopped. I do get a headache every now and then and I have noticed that I do get out of breath really fast lately....especially if I am walking up and down my stairs...its just weird...I think because I had m/s and I was gagging when I was brushing my teeth, it made me feel prego but now that it has stopped, there really isnt any other symptoms that I have that make me feel prego..does that make sense to you? I guess tomorrow will tell everything...I just pray that everything is fine with mylittle bean...I swear I can not take another loss...I am trying to think positive but its really hard when I have gone through 2 losses already ya know...who knows, I am prepared for whatever my doctor tells me...I will keep you posted. Thanks for listing to me vent!


flipthea - February 14

Debbie - i will pray for u and the baby. I started posting in the 2nd trimester, but I'll come here often. Pretty soon u will be in the 2nd trimester as well :-). I have a job interview this Friday and I'm wondering what to say about my pregnancy. My sis says not to mention it. What do u think? I want 2 get this job bec. it's at a hospital and there's no travel. It's 10 mins fr my house.


debbie80 - February 14

Thea- I would not mention to your job that you are pregnant. Even though its against the law not to hire someone because they are pregnant, they will take it into consideration. They will think, okay if we hire her and shes pregnant, she may not be able to work her shift because she will be tired, or can not lift anything...or if you are not feeling well you will call in....if you get the job, then maybe wait like a month or so then you can say something about it...just say you found out right before your interview and that you did not think it was anyones business to know about it...something along that line....thats great though that you have a interview! Screw that every



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