Pg From Clomid

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KAY - December 22

Anyone else pg from using clomid? I only did 1 cycle and I am 5 weeks, due in August. Are you worried about multiples? I know the chance is low, but there is still an increase. It would be neat!


Angela W. - December 22

Hi Kay, I am pregnant with twins from using clomid. It worked on my second cycle. I am 7wks and due August 11th! Good Luck!!


Trish# - December 22

Hi! I did 6 cycles on Clomid and no luck! I have problems ovulating on my own. I then sought a specialist and got pg on FSH my BFP on Mon. and am due in Aug. too! Only 4 weeks pg, so terrified I'll m/c. I had a chemical pg in Oct. But I digress. Guess you'll know soon enough if you got twins! Chance of twins on clomid is 5-8%. Ummmm...on injections: 20%!!! Guess I'm in the same boat as you, but am pretty sure from my pre-O U/S that I just matured one egg. Anyway, congrats to you!


CC - December 22

I also got pregnant on my first clomid cycle. I am due in July. All my ultrasounds have shown only one baby.


KAY - December 22

I do not get an ultrasound until 17 weeks. I guess by then I will know if it is 1 or 2. I will be much bigger if there are 2. LOL I hope it is. That would be great!! This is my first pregnancy. what about you guys?


Audrey - December 22

I got pregnant on my second round of clomid at 50 mg. Only one sweet little baby. Due Aug. 13th. :)))))


Lynn - December 22

I got pregnant on clomid first try but ovulated on my own anyway. I am now due end of july or first of august. At 4 weeks 5 days my hcg was over 5,000 then two days later over 8.000 which i think are high, but i go to doctor on jan 9th and hopefully get a sonogram then!! I will be happy with one or two!


B - December 27

I am eight weeks pregnant due 8/4/06 I also used clomid. I was on 200mg, My hcg's were high, and they did an ultrasound at six weeks 4 days and saw the heartbeat, and thank goodness only one baby. I asked my dr. if one more could pop up, and she said that has only happened once in the last 18 months.


tanyaw - December 27

Hi. I got pregnant on clomid about 8 years ago on first round and only had one. I then adopted 2 sets of twins (they are now 5 and 2). I thought we were through and I just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant due August on my own without clomid. I believe clomid definently increases your chance of multiples. Almost all the moms I've met through multiples groups have said they have gotten pregnant with multiples from clomid. Multiples are fun nothing to be worried about ;0)


N - December 27

Me too! I did 1 cycle of 50mg and got pregnant! There is only 1 baby!


Ashleyg - February 9

i did one cycle at 50mg and i got pregnant! i think i am due around oct 11, but i go into the doc next friday for my first appt and ultrasound...guess i will find out how many then!!!


KAY - February 10

Well I have had 2 ultrasounds, now. The first was because my bloodwork did not match my est due date. I saw what looked like a bean with a heartbeat. I just had another one at 10 weeks, they could not hear the heartbeat through the fetal monitor. I saw what looked more human :-) We are still calling the baby "bean" though. It has stuck. Definitely one baby, though. I am now 12 weeks. Were any of you on the problems getting pregnant board?


StaRfisH66 - September 21

Hi Kay, i did one cycle of 50mg of clomid and i got pregnant my first round....not sure if i have one or two babies yet.....


tonyaandjoe - November 14

this will be my 2nd round of clomid hopefully this will work. 100mg for me he said my chances of having twins went from 1 in 43 to 1 in 10. i am excited can't wait.


stacy12 - November 14

clomid didn't work for me, i went to injections, gonal f. my first iui worked, thank god. I go for my first u.s. on monday.


MNMOM - November 15

I am on my second pregnancy thanks to clomid. Both times only got one baby.


pebblesnbambam - November 15

I used one round of clomid, used ovulation predictor strips and pin pointed the date of ovulation... I am now 11 weeks along. I had my first appt at 8 1/2 weeks and they did an ultrasound to check for multiples (I also have twins in my husbands family) and there is only one baby!! First two pregnancy's didn't need clomid but this time needed a little help and it worked!!!!



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