Pinching Tailbone Pain

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Heidi - April 8

Over the last few weeks I've noticed this pinching pain right near my tailbone on the left side. I didn't think much of it but now last night after I woke up from a nap it just hurt like h__l!!! I was switching laundry to the dryer and just leaning over and then back onto my left leg caused shooting pains up my tailbone! I just about dropped over! Then when I bent over to blowdry my hair this morning, when I stood back up I got the pain again. Does anyone have this??? Or maybe it's not even pregnancy related. My mom thinks it's from sitting in her rocking chair but it's padded and not uncomfortable so I don't know what gives. I hope I can hold out till my next appt on Tuesday. It may not even be pregnancy related but I've NEVER had this happen before. It's annoying as h__l! Anyone else??? Oh, I'm almost 13 wks and not really showing. I thought maybe the extra 5 lbs was causing it but I can't see how.


Amy - April 8

I have the exact same problem, except it is on the right side. I thought I pulled a muscle or something from exercising (walking). It could very well be non-pregnancy related, but that is funny that we have the same problem. Every time I lean back up after brushing my teeth, I have a sharp pain in my tailbone area. Good luck with this! I'll let you know if I find anything out. For now, I'm just doing stretching exercises to see if it goes away.


Heidi - April 8

Ha ha! Me too! I was brushing my teeth and when I stood back up it just killed! Same with anything that requires me to bend over. It really hurts too! I don't think I really did anything to pull a muscle, especially right there of all places!!!! It almost feels like ya wanna swing your leg out to crack something but there's nothing to crack. I'm going to ask my doc on Tuesday cus it's starting to get really bad to the point where I just about fell after I threw my clothes in the dryer. What the hell! It's really annoying. The only thing I did strenuous lately is help lift my 90 lb golden retriever into my truck and I still used my legs and more or less put his front end in and then lifted his back end so I didn't put too much strain on my stomach area and it wasn't uncomfortable or anything so I don't know what gives. Hopefully I don't bend over in a store and fall over when I stand back up. Ha ha!


angela - April 8

sounds like a pinched nerve, or a pulled muscle. my 1st preg. i got one so bad it literally paralized me and i could move. i was standind up kicking clothes to the laundry room so i didnt have to bend over and bam! i thought i was going to be stuck there until my husbabd got home from work. no matter how much i tried, i couldnt move my legs. and the doctor said the baby probably moved and put pressure on a nerve.


Amy - April 15

Hi again Heidi, I just wanted to let you know that the horrible pain has gone away. As I mentioned, I was doing stretching exercises specifically to get rid of that pain. It seems to have worked. Hope you are feeling better now, too!


Heidi - April 15

Yes mine went away too. I still sometimes feel some pressure back there but my doc said if it gets really bad again to let her know because they can do some sort of adjustment on my back/hips etc to relieve the pressure. She said the hormones are loosening your ligaments so you're body can loosen up for the baby growing!!!


clarice - April 16

hi. i am about 7 weeks along and i think i get this too. it feels like a charlie horse sorta. and it feels that maybe it would be relieved by a crack, but if i try to it is sooo painful. and it is also brought on by certain moves. did you get this early on? cause if it is supposively caused by baby pressure, i think that would be too soon to apply to me. what di u think?


Amy - April 19

Clarice, I agree that it seems too early for the pain to be caused by baby pressure. I am almost 11 weeks along now. The pain happened a few weeks ago and lasted about 2 weeks. As I mentioned, the stretching really helped me. It does hurt some while the stretching takes place, but once I really began the daily stretching my pain completely went away. You are right about the pain being really bad. I'm still nervous about it coming back, but so far so good. I hope you all feel better soon!


Heidi - April 19

I felt the pain early on too but it didn't get bad till around 11-12 wks and then sort of got better. My doc told me my body is releasing hormones that loosen up the ligaments in your lower abodmen and sometimes they get out of wack a little and cause pressure and pain, but it should go away. Mine finally did. Walking and stretching did help me also. Good luck! I know what you mean. It felt like you wanted to crack it but there's nothing to crack!



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