Pink And Brown Spotting Went To OB Visit

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Mindy - July 20

I wanted to share this information with you ladies because I know how nervewracking it is to have pink and brown spotting. I had some brown spotting at the end of my 4th week and went to the doctors. They did an u/s and said everything was okay. This is my 4th pregnancy and I am 35. I started spotting pink with no cramps this week in my 6th week and got very upset. I thought I was having a miscarriage. They brought me in last night for another u/s and I saw the baby's heartbeat. What a relief!! Anyway, they saw where the spotting was coming from. There was a pocket of old blood near the sac where the baby had implanted itself. They told me that it could take a couple more weeks for it to drain and that it was implantation bleeding. I thought maybe this information could be helpful to anyone because I thought implantation bleeding only happened the week you get your period but it can happen the whole first trimester. Good Luck with your pregnancies and God bless!!


Kelli - July 20

Thank you for sharing. I am 7 1/2 weeks and began spotting yesterday with some light bleeding. The ultrasound shows everything is perfect with the baby. My doctor couldn't tell me why I was bleeding so to hear your story makes a lot of sense. It helps to know some reason for the spotting. Also, how long did your spotting last? Mine is 3 days so far.


Mindy - July 20

The first time I had brown spotting, it lasted for 8 days. This weeks spotting started out on Monday night, pink light bleeding for 12 hours changing over to brown. I still spotting brown today. The u/s tech showed me where it was at and said I still had quite a bit of old blood in there. This is the first time I have had spotting in a pregnancy. I have never had it in the last 3 pregnancies but I have to tell you all of them were so different. I do have to say this pregnancy will have me gray by the time I give birth though.


Julie - July 20

Thank you so much for this information. I took my pregnancy test today at home and was so excited to see that it was positive! However, I have been spotting since Saturday,(5 days ago) and called the doctor. He got me in right away, and thought I might have a tubal pregnancy, so he sent me to an "emergency u/s" at the clinic. I went there and had the u/s, and the doctor says it's to early to tell. I am scared half out of my mind, we have been trying for a while now. The OB/GYN thought it may be just implantation bleeding, and after reading this it really has calmed my fears quite a bit. I will find out on Saturday (3 days) if I have a normal pregancy. If everything is ok, looks like I am about 3 weeks along, and due March 29th!!!!!!!!!


Mindy - July 21

Julie-- hang in there. I'm sure everything is going to be fine. It sound like you have the implantation bleeding that alot of women get during the week that their suppose to get their periods. I'll be praying for you.


kd - July 22

Thank you so much for this. I started having a little brown spotting today. I am only 5 weeks and had not decided what OB to go with but I made a decision quick and called. It is so worrisome.


KellyB - July 22

I just started seeing brown spotting today. Its friday today. Can I wait until monday when I have my first OB/Gym appointment or should I go the doctor right away


Beth - July 23

Mindy thank you so much for the information. This is my third pregnancy. My 1st was good nothing major, my 2nd was in April and I miscarried, and i am not pregnant again. i have had brown spotting for approx 2 weeks and i think everytime i go to the bathroom will be the time I see blood...and i will miscarry again. I had an ultrasound on tues and saw the hb and they said everything looked good. I am 7 weeks today and Im keeping my figers thank your rea__surring story!!


Lucy - July 23

I had a similar experience- light spotting at around 6 weeks and 9 weeks. Ultrasounds showed a normally developing foetus. I've had no bleeding since and I am 35 weeks.


Sylvia - July 23

thanks, I just found out a week ago that I am pregnant and just had some brown bleeding and freaked! Its normal. Thanks again!


Mindy - July 26

I just wanted to update. I had alot more bleeding over the weekend but this time it was bright red. Again, I thought I was having a miscarriage. They did another ultrasound last night and the baby is fine. It was a subchorionic hematoma which I'm told is a implantation bleed. My doctor said it is where the baby latched on and irritated a blood vessel on the lining of the uterus. It turned in to a blood blister and ended up rupturing. I just need to stay off my feet and no lifting anything more than 20 pounds because it could get worse. My heart is so full of joy and thanks to God for watching over me and giving me such an awesome blessing!! Take care and God Bless!!


Kathy - July 26

Mindy, Thank you so much for this information, everyone keeps talking about "spotting" and mine isn't what I would concider "spotting" I have had this 10 day brown/red period for the last three months. Haven't been to the dr yet so we don't know how far along I am and these "periods" worry me. I tend to bruise easy so maybe it is the same thing you are having. Thanks.


Mindy - July 26

Kathy- Call your doctor as soon as possible so they can monitor this, if this is what you have. A hematoma can detach the baby if it gets bigger around the sac. Also, stay off your feet if you are bleeding. I'll be praying for you.


lauren - July 28

OMG OMG thank you for you info.....i thought i was dying!!!!


Lea - July 28

Just want to reiterate what Mindy said...please call your dr if you have spotting. While spotting may be a frequent occurance in the first part of is not really "normal." It usually means something else is going on, BUT that does NOT mean that it's harmful to the baby or pregnancy. Like Mindy said though, if the situation worsens than it could be an issue. My first pregnancy I started spotting at about week 5. Never dripping, never red, never with any cramping...brownish and when I wiped. Within 2 weeks I found out that the baby had stopped growing. Please don't take this post as a gloom and doom one. I've had several friends who have had spotting throughout the first trimester and/or pregnancy that have had healthy babies. I guess my personal advice is if you're, relax and get some bed rest if possible. And call your dr. Be persisitant if needed. If the spotting lasts more than a few days, insist on getting in to see if things are ok and not just a verbal "this is normal" from a nurse at the office saying things are ok. I think we tend to forget that dr's are working for us. I applaud Mindy for her post, I think it emphasizes the point that all spotting isn't bad, but you need to make your dr work for you.


Kathy - July 28

Thank you ladies and I appreciate the prayers! I have slowed to what is the wipe brown spotting today. I am just wearing a light day with barely anything on it. I did call the DR and got that nurse who talked to the DR for me and said it is most likely normal for me and that I should call back if it gets worse. The only thing that concerns me is I have done this same weird "period" thing for lack of a better word for three months, what does that mean? Anyhow, I go to the dr on Monday at 2. A friend has a fetal monitor she is going to let me borrow, don't know if I'm far enough along yet but it's worth a try I guess. Again, thank you for your words, it helps to have someone to talk to!


Rebecca - July 28

I am pregnant, and don't know how long for sure. I went to the OB on 7/25 and they did an ultrasound and he said that it did show progress, however, he wanted to do another one that would be more accurate since I got pregnant while nursing. I did get to see the heart beat though. Anyway, just started some spotting last night and again very little this morning. I'm really so worried because with each of my boys I did the same thing, with my last I spotted even at 5 months! I've also read that if you experience spotting/dark discharge in the first 7-11 weeks and you have seen the heart beat that you have a 90% chance of a normal pregnancy, so that's rea__suring.



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