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deelov - January 26

ive just been going through a magazine and spotted some pregnancy q and ans. is it true women who do not feel sick during early pregnancy are more likely to have a m/c than those who do. its made me worried now as i am 6wks 2dys and have not really had any symptoms . pleas help am really worried now...


lovestruckjsw - January 26

I don't know if this is true.... I have heard the more symptoms the better because you know you're body is producing the right hormones. I had a miscarriage in August at 6 weeks and really did not feel many symptoms. I am now 10 (almost 11) weeks pregnant and I was really sick in my 6th and 7th week but now, as long as I don't eat any meat, I don't feel or get sick. But I do keep track of the symptoms that seem to be sticking around like sore b___bs, sore abdominal muscles, ALWAYS tired, food cravings (and aversions).... keep your head up. Some women don't feel many symptoms until 8 weeks and then again, some don't feel any at all and they deliver very healthy babies.


ROBYN - January 26

To be honest with you I am currently 11 weeks pregnant my symptoms are sore b___bs, constantly hungry, food aversions and tired. When I was pregnant with my son who is now 8 i didnt know i was pregnant till i was almost 5 months pregnant i had zero symptoms nothing to indicate a pregnancy. So as long as your u/s shows the baby growing as it should and theres a heartbeat your doctor will know if anything is wrong. I am sure your fine everyone is different.


Tammy276 - January 26

You are not more likely to have a m/c is you don't get symptoms. I personally think they say that because when you have symptoms, it is like a rea__surance that the baby is growing and is implanted.....BUT woman who have symptoms can still have a m/c. When I was preggo w/ my son, the only symptom I had was sore bb's..other than that, I felt great and didn't even feel pregnant.....The only way I knew I was preggo was because of my growing belly.


Shannon - January 27

i don't know about the miscarriage thing but you are only 6 weeks along. with my first pregnancy, and i had a prefectly healthy baby, i didn't feel anything that early on either. i felt perfectly normal until probably about 9 weeks when i started to get morning sickness. the second time along it has started a lot earlier. so wait a couple weeks to worry too much.


Mom-2-be-again - January 27

I have a m/c with my first pregnancy and did a lot of reading about different types of m/c, what causes them, signs of them, etc. One thing I did read is people who have m/c were more likely to not have morning sickness. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MORNING SICKNESS IS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO M/C. The reason behind it is in order to have morning sickness you need a larger amount of HCG the hormone you produce while pregnant. And woman that have m/c usual don't produce the same amount HCG becuase their body is aware that there is something wrong. But please remember that on 50-60% of woman have morning sickness. If you don't have it, and are still worried about m/c ask your doctor to check your HCG levels. Testing your HCG levels is one of the only ways to determine that things are going fine this early in the pregnancy.


Krist - January 27

Hi deelov - with my pregnancy my only symptom was late AF. I didn't have any m/s, no weird cravings, no cramps - nothing. I also didn't look pregnant until I was about 6 mths. My baby was born healthy. As lovestruckjsw said, most women don't have any symptoms until about 8wks.


christine0504 - January 27

i am 12w6days and i have sailed through my pregnancy. no sickness, no food aversions etc. i was really tired which was the only symptom. my baby is fine as i had a scan 3 days ago and all's well...count your blessings that you're not sick and enjoy your pregnancy,we are the lucky ones that escaped the sickness!


moescrilla - January 27

I had just about 0 symptoms with my son the first tri-mester. So dont worry, I'd say that is absolutely false. I dont have many symptoms with this preg. either...really wouldnt know I was pregnant if I didnt take a preg. test (or miss my and I'm not worried at all.


ChattyKathy - January 27

They say that because morning sickness is a good sign that your hormone levels are all wacky because of the baby. If the pregnancy isn't viable the hormone levels wont be where they should and you wont feel the full effects of pregnancy. BUT this does NOT mean that not having morning sickness will make you miscarry. Womens bodies handle hormones differently. Just like not all of us get acne or something, we don't all have our heads burried in the toilet. It is common to not have many pregnancy symtoms early on. I only have a touch of nausea. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Sure, you're scared now, but don't be. There is no reason to believe this pregnancy wont be healthy.


quas2cute - January 27

I don't know for sure but my mother didn't have any morning sickness or symptoms and i was fine. My cousin has had 3 healthy 7-8 lb babies and she didn't have any symptoms with the first two she was just a little tired with the last one b/c she had got a little age on her. I really don't think it's true.


candk - January 28

I would not worry too much deelov. I am currently 14 and a half weeks along. I have not had many symptoms at all. The only thing i have had it sore b___bs, and tiredness. I did nto have one drop of ms at all, nothing even close to it. To be honest i would not know i was have a baby if it was not for the ultra sound and hearing the heart beat at two appts. My doctor told me to take magazines and internet articles like a grain of salt. She said half the time there is no evidence behind them. Just sit back and feel blessed that you are having a comfortable first trimester.


DownbutnotOUT - January 28

with my daughter i threw up once! thats it and my 1st i was sick all threw my pregnancy and with my 2nd i threw up only a few times, my daughter was my 3rd. I had a missed m/c with my 4th pregnancy and I had very minimal nause and no m/s. well with this little wee one im currently carrying I had nausea but havent thrown up yet and its ahealthy 21 week peanut.


flipthea - January 28

It's good to have some symptoms. I don't really throw up but I have all the other symptoms. A lady fr my work had no symptoms for 2 pregnancies and she had a m/c in both times. The 3rd time she was able to carry the baby full term but she was bleeding for 9 months(but no pregnancy symp.). She was on bedrest for that pregnancy. Anyway, I don't think u have to have all the symp. but I know how it can be rea__ssuring almost if u have some. Take care.


triciafarris - January 29

Hi, Im on my second and i never had morning sickness with my first or my second, some peoples hormones are stronger than others which causes the morning sickness, please dont worry it will all be fine, your lucky, count your blessings.x tricia


rzblossom - January 29

I have heard some women are lucky and dont go through the symptoms, but you may find more comfort about it talking to your doctor.


momma3tobe - January 29

I have had 2 healthy pregnancies and I am 11 weeks into my third and I never had morning sickness but my hormone levels are very strong. I had the other symptoms REALLY bad though, I have gas and my b___bs feel like they are going to explode, my skin has changed and I would just drop off to sleep without warning. I am sure you are experiencing other changes, Just count yourself among the lucky and don't worry!



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