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bjovs1 - May 8

hi there, my name is sara, i am supposed to be 6 wks pregnant, 7 this friday, i started spotting last tues and due to a m/c earlier this year they sent me for a u/s, she checked my womb and said there wasnt anything she could see, well i had my bloods done, they came back the next day at 150. still spotting lightly, i had a few cramps on sat, started spotting a bit heavier on sunday, had my bloods took 2day and they were 500, still spotting, like the beggining of a period, not bright red but pinky, i used the ovulation sticks, i was supposed to ovulate on the 7th of april but it was showing up on the 4th untill the 7th, didnt test after that cos i had no test sticks left, my cycle is always 28 days, the nurse said that my levels arent doubleing as they should, can anyone shed any light on this or give me some advice, ive got to go back on weds for more bloodwork, trying not to go insane in the meantime xx sara


bjovs1 - May 8

i meant to say that she couldnt see a baby or anything, she said it might be an early pregnancy, ive never had to go through this b4 so im so scaered and i dont know wot to think, sara xx


HannahBaby - May 8

Hon that is way too early to see something espically if you arent 100% sure of ovulation. Give it time. I know that its scary but be positive and good luck hon.


bjovs1 - May 8

sorry, it was showing that i was ovulating from the 4th untill the 9th then i ran oout of sticks and i thought that if i had s_x during this time i would have a good chance of getting pregnant, and has i dont know when implantation occured im not sure how far along i am, but i havent had a period for nearly 7 weeks, thanks for replying


HannahBaby - May 8

take a home pregnancy test. I recommend first response


pattford - May 8

i hope everything works out. In my case, a year ago, my Hcg was going up, but I had a blighted ovum. No baby developed ever, but my body didn't realize it for a while. I really hope it was just too early to see.


bjovs1 - May 9

hi there, i took a pg test when i was a week late and it showed up straight the way, it was a first response, the spotting is worrying as its like a light period, not enough to fill a pad(sorry if tmi) but all the same its still there, wot do you think about the levels, i had my first done on thurs, they were 150, 2nd lot done on monday, they were 500 and i go bk 2moro to get more done, i shall post when i get the results 2moro evening, thanks for replying, sara xx


bjovs1 - May 10

well it doesnt look good, i had my bloods done 2 days ago, they were at 500, had them done again 2day and they were at 425, so it looks like im going to m/c, im so upset, i dont know wot to expect next has i havent really been told anything as the nurse speaks to me over the phone to tell me my results, got to monitor how quickly the levels fall know, dont know why that is either, can anyone shed any light on that ? sara


tndrlvn - May 10

i'm so sorry to hear that it doesn't look good...once your levels are falling there is no way of stoping it from will find that you will have cramps and heavier bleeding.....if you find your cramps are getting worse go to emergency...they can check to see if you are needing a D&C to make sure all has pa__sed. you will have clots and what not........i know how hard this is for you i have gone through it twice......but they never monitored the levels dropping it just happened.......but all the best to you are in my prayers



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