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roscosmomma - October 20

So I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. I am a smoker and smoked about 25 ciggs a day. Last week I was down to 10 and now Im down to about 8. I tried to quit cold turkey but I suffer from panic attacks badly and started getting them again. I don't know what to do. I spoke to the ob/gyn about it and she told me there was nothing that I could take to help me quit. I don't want to hurt the baby but at the same time I don't want my panic attacks to come back again. I have panic disorder and was afraid if I got pregnant they would spin out of control. I am doing fine with them, but as soon as I tried to quit cold turkey they came back. I just don't know what to do. Is anyone in the same situation as me? I just am having the hardest time getting these 8 ciggs down to none. I called the psycologist I was seeing but he said he can't get me in unitl december. This sucks so badly.


anfmom - October 20

I read somewhere I can't remember that sometimes its worse to stop if you are having tht many problems. Of course not in them words. Sorry i can't help from experience I dont smoke. Everyone I know has when they were pregnant so If it makes you feel any better there kids are fine. I read it causes low birth weght and ear infections. Cutting down as much as you did in 2 weeks is great and just keep doing it at a slow pace you dont want to have panic attacks. Good luck!


jennifer_33106 - October 20

YOUR HORRIBLE!!! GO TO THE CORNER!!! haha just kidding. You have already cut back from a pack a day to only eight. That is a big deal. I was a smoker til I found out I was pregnant. I was able to quit cold turkey but I was only a light smoker. Hopefully when and if the m/s kicks in you will grow an aversion to them the way I did. If it dosent just remember to take it one day at a time. You are not perfect and no one expects you to be. You are doing great! A few tricks to try is keeping gum around or hard candies. Also you could maybe cut about an inch off the tops of the cigarettes to cut back on the nicotine. Also tyr to stop smoking in familiar places such as in the house or in the car. Ask people around you who you know smoke to help you quit by not smoking around you. Remember it is ok to gain a lil weight when quitting so if you wanna get that snickers and try to avoid the stick. When the craving hits do something productive. I remember when I was going through the cravings they would be the worst when i was driving home from work or sitting at home watching TV. If thats the case with you, when it hits take your mind off the craving and do something else. Keep in mind, it is only a craving and will pa__s. Also Take any lighters, ash trays, any and ALL cigarettes and trash them. It is harder to resist the urge when its staring at you in the face. And REMEMBER!!! You are only human!!! This is going to be hard and you will struggle but it is worth it. I applaud you for taking the first steps towards a healthier life not only for your child but for yourself. It is going to take a while just remember that. To this day and I am 22 weeks, I still get cravings. But to be honest it is not the nicotine I miss, it was the habit. When I was bored I would light up. After meals. You just have to wean yourself. Remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Take control!!! GL and I wish you the best and the heathliest pregnancy possible. :)


kay101 - October 20

I have heard, but don't take my word for it as I'm not 100% sure, that quitting cold turkey when you are pregnant can actually be bad for the baby. It's better to wean yourself off, because if you stop totally you will go into withdrawl and it's as hard on the baby as it is on you. My suggestion, although I've never smoked, is to maybe cut back by one cigarette every couple days. If you start getting morning sickness, you might even not want to touch them all together, which would be a total blessing. Are you maybe able to try using nicotine gum to quit? Atleast that way you would be taking less in.


wv_red - October 20

Trust me this will be the absolute hardest thing you have ever decided to do but you are not doing it just for yourself. I can now call myself an ex- smoker after a few week struggle. I smoked the same way you did, alot. Always felt I needed it, had to have it and if I couldnt get it I was going to freak out. No one one here is going to judge you or say your a bad person. Just know smoking is a stronger addiction the heroin. Sad but true. This is going to be something that your gonna have to make the choice on. Just realize the benifits that you are going to have from it. Your body is going to go through fits from withdrawels but a thing that helped me alot was when I really wanted one, which was usually at work, I would look at an atricle on the effects of smoking on a fetus. That helped me quit fast. Don't make excuses like well I will quit when I get to the so and so week or this milestone. You are a stronger person then that and dont need any excuses. As for the panic attacks, read, eat some veggies, or suck on a sucker, anything to keep it from creeping in. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will succeed, look at your progress now. You are a strong women, show your baby momma can do it!!!!


Gemini_Girl - October 21

HI, try not to worry and stress about it too much, we all know smoking is bad for baby, but people still do it, some of my friend's and family did and their baby's turn out fine, I stopped smoking a few years back, it is hard but the fact you've went from 25 to 8 is a great achievement just try and smoke a few a day, light one up have a few drags on it, then put it out, eventually you might end up thinking "whats even the point" and stop, but if you really cant stop completely I wouldnt worry about it too much.


LanaK - October 21

There are options for you: 1. There is a medication called Wellbutrin which is safe to take in pregnancy if there is a need. This medication eliminates your desire for cigarettes and can also help with panic attacks. 2. Acupuncture - if done by a knowledgeable acupuncturist, it can decrease the craving for smoking, not to mention that acupuncture is excellent at relieving panic attacks. It's safe in pregnancy, but it can get costly. Good luck!


jezebel1018 - October 21

what about acupuncture? my dad did it to quit a 25 year 2 pack a day habit. it didnt work the first time so he went again and hasnt picked up a cigarette in over 15 years now.


jezebel1018 - October 21

and no one is going to judge you, an addiction is and addiction. maybe you can try and replace smoking w/shopping! think of all the new shoes you could buy ;) especially w/the price of cigarettes nowadays


roscosmomma - October 21

My ob told me that She wouldn't perscribe me anything to take or patches and the gum weren't safe. I don't understand why. I would think its better then smoking right? I am going to try to eliminate a cigg every two days until Im down to none. Hopefully my panic attacks will stay away. I regret so much ever picking up these dirty things. What was I thinking. Who ever had said that cigg addiciton is as strong as a heroin addiction is right. My ob told me that she went to a seminar about that. I couldn't belive that when she told me that. I hope I can do this. I feel so horrible and guilty. I wanted to try those commit lozengers but they told me no I couldn't. I think they would help me while I was at work. At home Im ok cause Im less stressed but at work its alot harder for me.


anfmom - October 21

You shouldnt feel to bad b/c they are so many ppl out there dont care at all and arent even trying to do better! Hang in there and I hope you can quit fully! Hey and maybe after the babys born you wont smoke at all


Sims1 - October 22

hi rosco, maybe this will help. when i found out i was pregnant, i cut down to three cigs a day, and i really enjoyed those cigs. and then the following week, which for me was week 6 i went down to 1 a day somedays not having any....and by the weekend i was officially a non smoker. it's so hard, but so so liberating when you finally do quit. just think of the baby inside growing their organs fused with smoke and carbon monoxide. you'll quit sooner than you realize it if you think like that. Good luck and let me tell you it's hard, but definately worth it. there's a lot of us that have been there and quit.....


autumnsmommy - October 22

From 25 down to 8? That's awesome! I know it's not good to smoke but if your having problems those can be just as bad. Have you gone to a therapist to work on relaxation techniques. I have a panic disorder and I know it's hard to deal with. Those stupid episodes like to come whenever they want with no warning. If you practice relaxation regularly you can start to ward off the attacks when you know what causes them and have them less frequently. It's not an overnight thing but it's a good time to start. I use to smoke and I quit cold turkey. I went through hell but I wasn't pregnant at the time. I really feel for your situation and wish you the best of luck!


nola-gal - October 22

There is a new drug out there that blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain. my friend just got on it. don't know if you can take it while pg, but ask your doctor. and hey, moy mom smoked the whole time she was pg with me and my sibs...we're okay! but not smoking is definitely better. good luck!!!


WinterRainFox - October 24

Switch over to all natural ones as well. They don't have the additional toxins. Then you can wean yourself off of those much easier. I had been smoking Djarum Blacks for almost three years and was able to quit rather easily because I was only addicted to the nicotine in them rather than all the chemicals that are in other cigarettes. This should help. Though I don't suggest smoking Djarums either. They have a higher nicotine content. I think the brand is called American Spirit. Though since they are all natural, they have a shorter shelf life. No preservatives and all. Then, you shouldn't have nearly as much trouble quiting as you are right now.


stefkay - October 24

hi roscosmomma, You are half way there already in wanting to quit. I totally know how you feel as I struggled with it for the past year (wanting to quit, cutting down, stopping, starting, panic, worry, anxiety, guilt) you name it, I had it :) I've had multiple miscarriages and always worried about smoking due to my high risk status (not currently pregnant, but check in on girls i know) so I always cut down then quit when I'd find out I was pregnant but was so anxiety ridden. Finally 2 months ago tomorrow I quit on my own for me and my future baby. I wanted to be quit for good and quit before we ever start trying again. And you know what I found helped this time? Going into it with a positive mental att_tude. Thinking, hey--I'm free of this thing, and not thinking that I was giving something up. Everyone told me it was going to be soooo hard and awful to quit and it wasn't! Granted, I had a lot of time to work on getting the wilingness, but the anxiety and panic attacks? None. Physically nicotine withdrawal doesn't cause panic attacks, it's purely mental. What I didn't know was that nicotine and smoking actually INCREASES anxiety. The rough time is only for 2 weeks after you quit then you are pretty much out of the woods. I've had acupuncture and although I dont' think that really helped, meditation and visualization helped calm me some. Just picturing clean air going in and no smoke helped (picture your womb filling with smoke around a baby and that helps to resist urges as well). A good book that I got and helped seal the deal for me was Allen Carr--you can google it. The book wasn't too long and I read it in one day. I was a pack to a pack and a half smoker a day. Anyways, sorry to ramble, but good luck to you and remember there are NO benefits in smoking.


Seredetia - October 24

Honestly, my father died a little less than a month of my giving birth to my daughter. I was a smoker before and really hadn't smoked much during my pregnancy, but when THAT happened...OMG. I turned into a smoking chimney. I was soooo stressed out, soooo not thinking about pregnancy, and SOOOOO missing my dad. I felt terrible, but my daughter is the happiest, healthiest 8 month old I've ever seen. She's small, but so are a lot of other babies. She has never had a cold, never had a fever (save for after some of her shots), and never had colic. Now, of course I AM NOT suggesting that you smoke 10,000 cigarettes a day, but if you've cut back to 8 a day you are on the right track at least. 8 is better than 25 -- remember that. And, yes, I did smoke throughout my pregnancy, but 2-5 cigarettes a day (from smoking about the same amount as yourself per day 20-25). Not a lot, but enough to make me feel guilty. Just remember: It's yours and your baby's body. Do what you can and try to push yourself to limit the sticks each day if you can. If you smoke 8 today, aim for 7 tomorrow. Don't expect things to happen just in one or two days. If you slip up, don't beat yourself up. Just keep trying to do as best as you can do...we all know our limits.



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