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Jessica K - July 30

Hi ladies, was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I went to the doctor on 7/25 for the first time and they drew blood and did a va___al u/s. We saw the sac and she said the size was about 5-6 weeks but we couldnt see anything else. They must have been a little worried because they wanted me back the next day for more blood work to see if my HCG levels were doubling. My levels were 4,600 the first day and then almost 8,000 the next time. They told me that was just what they wanted to see so I was relieved for a moment. They also said it just might be to early. I also have been very lightly spotting old blood for 4 days at the same time every evening. The bleeding started after the internal exam. This made me nervous but the doc said if Im not cramping its okay/normal. I go back to the doc for another u/s on Monday and was just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone before and had good results. Thank you for any info


stacey - July 30

My dr. always tells me that after an internal you might have spotting- seems the cervix is very sensitive. If your levels are doubling, I wouldn't be too scared..can you get another u/s? I had an u/s at 5.4 weeks and they caould see a fetal pole, but no heartbeat until my next u/s a week later.


Debi - July 30

hi Jessica, if your doctor doesn't seem worried then I woudn't either. your hcg levels should go up by at least 60% in 48 hours. I always thought that they needed to double in that time but my doctor told me that in order to have a "viable" pregnancy increasing by 60% in 48 hours is acceptable, plus your #s are good for 5-6 weeks. As far as the spotting, I just had my own scare with that on Monday and my doc. wasn't concerned because it was brown too. He did an u/s in the office and we saw a 10w 1d baby with a strong heartbeat. I wouldn't be too concerned. On Monday I'm sure you will see the yolk, you may just be a little earlier then you thought. Hang in there and try to relax ;) Best of luck


Jessica K - July 30

Stacey and Debi thank you so much for your replies. I just pray that we will see the yolk sac and possibly a heart beat on Monday. I thank you again and will keep you posted. Debi the doctor didnt seem to worried but I think she thought possibly a blighted ovum so thats why i gotthe blood work.But After they saw the numbers double they stopped doing HCG tests. I really hope it is not a blighted ovum either. I guess I just cant quit worrying but I am trying. Thanks again!!


Debi - July 30

Jessica, I totally understand how you feel, I had a blighted ovum and m/c in April @ 11wks, but my #s were not good so it was not a big suprise when it happened just disappointing. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies prior to the m/c and never even had the thought that it would happen to me. With this pregnancies I got pregnant 10 wks after the m/c with no period. Not really recommended but it happened. I actually called the doctor to get meds to bring on my period and they told me to do a hpt first. Imagine my suprise and panic to see a +. Relax this weekend~read a book, watch a good movie and keep your feet up, that's my plan. I'll let my hubby do some housework and chase after the kids;)


kittluv1022 - July 30

I had spotting like that with my 2nd child. It seemed like it was always after I had been standing on my feet for a long time. I would bleed too after the u/s and exam. come to find out, 1 week before my baby was born, they seen that the placenta was in the wrong spot and that is what was causing my bleeding. I had a normal, natural delivery and my son will be 2 in sept, so hang in there girl!


Jessica K - July 31

Thank you for your responses. The spotting has stopped completley which makes me feel better. I go tomorrow for my u/s hopfully to see the baby and hi/her hb!


Jessica K - August 1

HI girls. I just wanted to update you: I went for another v/u today and we saw the yolk sac, fetal pole and the heart beat!!! I am actually earlier than we thought, i am 5 weeks and 6 days. My due date is changed to March 28, 2006, I go back to the doc in 5 weeks. What a relief. I am still spotting every now and again but it seems okay.


Debi - August 1

Jessica, that is great:) I'm so glad that everything worked out for you. Keep us updated as you progress. Happy Healthy Baby!!!!!!



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