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Mannie - October 21

I have 2 questions. 1st: I have been prescribed prenatal vitamins by my doctor. Are these "prescription" vitamins any better than the over the counter kind? My prescription is a lot more expensive than the over the counter kind, by like $20. 2: Sometimes I forget to take my vitamin every day. I take them at night, after dinner because the make me sick during the day. Am I harming my baby? I am scared that my baby will miss out on those important nutrients. Has anyone not taken the vitamins and continued to have a healthy pregnancy?


s - October 21

well bobby thats a little harsh. Some people chose not to take the vitamins and have healthy babies. Its just recommended that you take pre-natal vitamins. Make sure you eat right and remember to take them, if you miss a day thats fine. As for prescription being the same as non. I don't think there is any difference. All prenatal vitamins are required to have the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in them. I can't see one being better than the other.


Cathy - October 21

There is a difference in the vitamins. The one the doctor prescibes has folic acid.


s - October 21

so does Materna. It has .6 Folic acid. You only need .4.


Mannie - October 21

Thanks! You guys have been so helpful!


Shel - October 21

I was told if you are suffering from nausea, take a multivitamin plus folic acid. I was taking Flinstones and folic acid for a few weeks and my doc said it is critical you take the folic acid. 50% of the cases of spina bifida are the result of not enough folic acid in the mother during the first trimester. Not trying to scare you, but this is a fact. You MUST be taking folic acid every day!


mama-beans - October 21

well Bobby is just uneducated... The prenatal viatamins are NOT necessary... just a good idea. Unless you have a GREAT diet that provides 100% of all the nutrients you need, you really should suppliment with a good prenatal vitamin. The only difference between prenatal vitamins and regular multi vitamins is the Folic Acid. As far as prescription -vs- over the counter, the only difference I can see is that there is 100% or more of everything in the prescribed one, while the over the counter has 80% of some things. Just be as healthy as you can, and you will be fine, vitamins or not. Missing a day ( or more) will not be terrably damaging unless you live off of Snickers and your child has no other means of nutrients.. in which case the vitamins aren't going to be good enough any way.


bump - December 8



L - December 8

Are you crazy, my doctor told me to hold off on mine until 2nd trimester or I feel better. If you take a multi-vitamin and folic acid you will be fine.


Brittany - December 8

Bobby said if you miss a vitamin, take two in one day. DO NOT DO THIS, you can overdose on iron etc. I didn't take vitamins with my first pregnancy cuz they made me feel weird (my son is perfectly fine to this day). My mom didn't take them either and she has 5 healthy children. If you buy over the counter vitamins those are perfectly fine as well!! I take flinestones, those do the trick too.


sugga - December 8

I take Flintstones because prenate make me sick,smh @ Bobby tryna make some body kill their self and the baby...(crazy people on the net)


Olivene - December 8

Where I live they do not take prenatal vitamins. They just expect to get what they need from eating healthfully. Don't worry too much! Bobby is just trying to cause trouble.


Shell - December 9

I only took folate and even then really infrequently b/c they were huge and hard to swallow. If you eat well, plenty of fruit n veg and meat for iron (or a vegetarian alternative, mushrooms for example), I don't think u need vitamins. On the other hand, did your dr prescribe them for a reason? eg a particular health problem that you have? Good luck anyway, my OBGYN says don't let anyone tell you stuff that scares you (eg Bobby, the first response). Call your dr and ask, that would be the best bet.



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